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Darwin is Dead

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He doesn’t go by The Word anymore. It was one of the stage names he toyed with for a while, his real name Frederick, and the people who know him call him Fred. But he can’t be a rock star named Fred, he can’t be a presence and also be a Frederick.


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So if we all have an idea what goes down when the young person at the cash register (the registerista?) asks, “Can I help you?” then we all know there’s a different way to habla at Seattle’s gift to the world.


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Dead drunks sing Christmas/ songs-

Life is a Dark Room

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Reluctantly, Meredith let Jeremy look over her shoulder at the pictures she was editing. She noticed that there was something in his eyes that disturbed her, but perhaps she was misreading him.

The Spill.

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That dude takes method-acting to a whole new level. Ever seen a teenager bust a homeless man’s nose to understand a role?

Dead Uncle

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When Roy had seen the first of the movies in his dorm's weekend double feature that night (the University of Maine at Orono — as Stephen king once quipped, “that crossword-puzzle favorite”) …

Express Lane

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The Guy Behind Me only had one item. And he looked too young to fully grasp Loneliness.