Stories tagged alienation

Passing Time

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A surreal conversation in a library hints at something else.

This Is Not A George Saunders Story

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I’m nowhere near as clever as George Saunders. You might be here looking for something else, something more profound or even biting satire or absurdism but, nope, just me in a cave.


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5:57, and sunlight insinuates itself under my eyelids. today I wake up to the noise of time slowing to a mere trickle. today I wake up and I can't remember where I am or what your name was. I feel you fading into nothing but a…

Rope & Bone '86

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His shirts he hangs on the back of the chair, one on top the other so they won't wrinkle.

First Lesson (Mother Tongue Series)

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I used to see kids at the mall with those extendable "kid leashes". Like the ones made for chihuahuas. Like the ones made to squash a good story, you know...

Wind From The West

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I stand near the wall, a 40 pound roll of tarpaulin across my shoulders. A blustery Chinook wind blows steadily off the snow covered foothills. I'm trying to psyche myself up to haul a tarp across a span of narrow wall that's studded with spikes of greased blue steel…

A lament

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I should have left by sea, / what good was it / not to suffer the sight / of home shrinking further

Express Lane

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The Guy Behind Me only had one item. And he looked too young to fully grasp Loneliness.