Sorry to have missed you

by Ann Bogle

Once I arrived to Tony Sanders' apartment to live in 2008, technically December 28, 2007, after the beginning of the beginning, the first intense and eventful weeks, things grew quieter, and he notified me that I had never held employment. So I headed for the bedroom carrying a legal pad, sat on my side of the bed and wrote, from memory, my thirty paid jobs beginning in 1977 and ending in 1996 followed by one nervous stint in 2006. I wish I could say paid work had continued! It causes disabled people to ambulate really strangely not to be paid to work. I would welcome a guarantee of paid appropriate work and work appropriately paid. Let's see how I do with listing my thirty paid income positions. I'll return to complete it. I'm still looking for paid income positions. Let's see how desperate it becomes again, how dog tired, sui-sired, how pawned to beta-test systems in the state, county, and across the palate of the United States, now surfacing on CNN as Russian-style panel news.

1. Allowance
2. Tooth fairy
3. JFK coin savings bank in clear plastic beveled skyscraper tower
4. Ben Franklin iron coin bank
5. House break in: garage window (slide to open), enter interior door to downstairs, pass home bar without sign of interest in it, climb stairs, left to kitchen, open refrigerator, find carton of Marlboro Reds, soft pack, take one pack, exit: reverse method of entrance (climb through window to back yard of scrubby yellow grass).
6. Babysit
7. Printing company, minimum wage, $2.15 per hour, age 15, do not tell parents, ride with Lisa Pottratz to Excelsior, lunch at Pizza Hut. When W-2's arrive in mail, go concerned to Mother and ask what are tax obligations? Listen to Mother as she tells you that she is surprised that the printing company would let you work while one year underage and since you sneaked away to do that, you can fill out your own tax form. Do so. Tackle the 10-40 instructions for fear of federal incarceration or worse, fees, consider coin banks' reduced holdings and two $25 U.S. Savings Bonds, prizes won during fourth and fifth grade in the children's art contest at Gillette Co. Receive refund based on $2 thousand or so in earnings after filing the long form. Perhaps that IS how 10-40EZ came about.