I'll Let You Know

by Darryl Price

We are here. When we're not we won't be. I'm 
not running into you. All paintings are 
only interesting because we can 
imagine being in them. This is the 
very best place to have some fun that I 
personally know of. Could've made that
a much better sentence I suppose. Do 
you really care? We're here. I'm enjoying 
seeing you. This here fun is the most I've 
ever had with you. It doesn't mean we 
have to talk on the phone. Here are we. Go 
ahead and live out whatever you are
going to do. I'm not crossing your path 
as much as introducing myself from 
the next barstool over. Sitting side by 
side we don't have to refuse anything 
about each other because it doesn't 
matter. We are here. We both got here. We
live here now. I don't know for how long. But 
it's nice to see you here for sure. I've got 
some pocket change. Do you need anything?
Let me know. This is now my favorite 
story or at least one of them. I've put 
your face in a poem I just found. So 

drink up! Together. Together. That's the
real place of joy. Everything else is just
TV on in the background. I'm going
to probably go now or pretty soon
or maybe hours from now. You and I both
know this is coming but as far as I'm

concerned this is not goodbye. Don't know how
to tell you how much I love this moment 
here with you, but I think you know. So there
you have it. We did it. We are it. You 
might want to pass it along to friends as
a reminder to always appreciate.