You Better Quit Your Runnin' Around

by Jerry Ratch

I remember it was late at night 

I was with

Johnny Appleseed's younger brother 


Bruce Appleseed 

He was the lead singer for the band 

Fake Moustache


Turns out he was just a bum 

Set on vibrate

Who'd bought a 10-gallon hat once 

But his head had gotten so fat 

He could only put it on 

One gallon at a time 


They're all gone now 

Bruce Appleseed

A back-up singer named 

Ruth Skydiver

And this other unnamed bum 

Who used to lean against the 

Liquor store wall in the sunlight 


“I put a leash on you 

Because you're mine 

You'd better quit your runnin' around 

With all my wine 



And they are alive 

Now only 

In the eternal light of dreams