Getting over the man in the moon

by Dianne McKnight-Warren

First have a good window seat because you'll get tired of standing waiting for him. He's predictably unpredictable. You can know his schedule down to the minute if you want but that doesn't mean you'll see him. Some nights he stays under covers. Don't even think about what he's doing there. It's none of your business.

Remember he can't show all of himself. Ever. The best he can do is a sliver at a time. It can take weeks to see him fully and remember that's only half of him, half of his head if you want to think of him like that and you do. So start changing familiar titles and phrases to things like, “Half-Headed Moonlight Becomes You.” Or, “I'm over the half-headed moon!” (“Half-Headed Moondance” will always make you smile.)