Commercials About Reviving Flowers

by Jeffrey S. Callico

“I can't tell what you're doing,” John said. He was crocheting a large rug for someone and the television was on. He couldn't tell what was going on on the other side of the room. Some crows were cawing outside. 

“I'm forming my personal hypothesis,” replied the person to whom John had spoken. “I'm preparing to tell a story and it will be a good one.” 

John set aside the large unfinished rug. “Okay, then, so what do you think it's all about?” 

“What's what all about? The hypothesis or the story; I'm referring to two different subjects, you know.” 

“Let's forget it all and watch the television. Nobody watches it around here anymore. I think we should watch the television and forget about hypotheses and large rugs that have been set aside.” 

“I agree. And great stories that want to be told.” 

“Those too,” John said, as a commercial about how to revive flowers came on, causing both him and the other to smile.