by Tim G. Young

Making a podcast on Garageband is a challenge
the editing got all screwed up
my 12 minutes turned into 18
and then the whole thing was deleted

I enjoyed the talking part though
rambling on and on for lord knows
why or how
maybe it's just the sound of my voice
maybe it's just the click of the keys
on the keyboard
same thing I guess

I got turned around and around again
I got smashed not from booze
but from something I couldn't even see
and it ran up and down inside of my head
like a garbage truck clanking, spitting

Which reminds me somehow
of a red forest
turned green with age
and rocks jutting out of the side
like cancerous moles

Look out here comes the knife to slice off
all the unnecessary bologna
soft and squishy
and if memory serves
not such a great aroma either

If my mother could only see me now
she would have something pithy
to say and I would appreciate it
I would probably even thank her
but she's gone

And, no, I'm not going into my
sadness for my dead mother
she already knows all about it
it's just I need to mention her
at times like these.