by Kitty Boots

The Beach, part 1

an untrod shoreline
sun peeking out through gray, ragged sky
the sun seems like it's floating on green water
crab pot buoys, they weren't here yesterday
the diesel sound cuts through the waves, been a little rough,
ya gotta make a living

sand crab holes above the high tide line
empty turtle shells, rubbery, hope the little guys made it to the water, gulls and herons love to eat 'em

The Garden, part 2

Elephant ears and caladiums, bring on the rain!
Passion flower vine crawling up the screen on the front door of the porch, looks like marijuana...he, he, might give my neighbor a little concern
nosey little dick he is

Rain lilies and sunflowers
Zinnias so full and bright I can't bring myself to pick them
I'd rather see the cardinals and finches pluck the petals
bees and butterflies linger at my hospitality
the moonflowers lure pink spotted sphynx moths
Lycoris radiata, British soldiers push up and declare their place among the mint, hollyhocks, daylilies and goldenrod (atch-hoo!)

People, part 3

Adam, bronze and lithe
runs laps on the beach
African, French, Chickahominy descent
loves horses, honors his ancestors
cut his dreads
we offer tobacco to his ancestors and walk the shoreline

Kevin, polite, friendly
a fish out of water
wants to enjoy and understand
can't quite get his shit together

tough, strong, determined
a multitude of unfinished tattoos
cheers for her son

Ohh...David and his wife just bought 16 acres and beach front on the Chesapeake Bay...yee haw! Got permission to walk their beach!