Two More Poems

by Darryl Price

1. Weeds of the World (Unite!)


We invade the invaders and they invade us, these little

Blooming weeds. They raise five flowers and let them blow

Into the winds like sheets of stars. All of us

Steer by their turning tide. All of us will eventually

Fall by their shining example into wintry skies, crisp and


Dispersing everywhere, like snow, but they do not give up

That ghost.  Instead they regrow even the frozen toes of

Heaven into an eruption of abundant walking shoes, the kind

To take you wherever you are going, and with whom.

This is the miracle of green life. It exists solely


To exist. It will not take no for an answer.

It sucks sunshine like it's going out of style and

Spits it back out in puffs of pure oxygenated cookies,

Baked to perfection and ready to eat. And once inside

Of your guts it works its ancient magical spell like


Clockwork, restoring even the most cynical nature back to its

Original joy in simply breathing again. And then of course

Comes another blast on the field from all the trumpets

At hand to signal the war is not yet over

For some of us, we must go on to the


Gates of forever, some alone and some always together.

At either end the greening will take its rightful place

In the conversation about the meaning of all love within

The meaning of all life. And because of that, this

Poem finds its way to you today, making so sure.


Darryl Price



2. Morning Comes


Morning comes pouring itself slowly up the road

Like a familiar figure you recognize even before

You can make out any of its features.

You know the gait. You're acquainted with the


Certain slope of its shoulders. And you begin

To wonder if it will make it all

The way to your doorstep with this carefully

Packaged box of new day or not. But


It's a steady come on, even in the

Misty rain. It's a sure bet even in

The barking wind's manic persistence to stop and

Play, to pet and hug. Morning moves with


Trained purpose like a dancer among stars. Like

A dolphin beside a cruise ship. The comforting

Sound is subtle, but undeniably close and getting

Closer yet, until you find yourself back to


Life, back to being ready for anything that

Just so happens to look like a movement

In the right direction. And just as quickly

Morning is nothing more than a dot of


Drying color on the canvas of the trees,

Lifting away to join with all the blue

Heads of angels, making the clouds waft their

Perfumes around and around like broasted heavenly beans.


Darryl Price         5/21/15

Bonus poems:

Being the Importance of Oscar Wilde

by Darryl Price

Keep me tall in the saddle Crazy Horse.
Keep me younger than that Kenneth Patchen. 
Brave all of my days Emily Dickinson.
Keep me sane John Lennon, romanticly inclined Paul
McCartney,spiritual in the material world George Harrison
and humble as a lost dog Ringo Starr. Keep me laughing
Lily Tomlin. Keep me kind to all Jesus of
Nazareth. Keep me playful and bird friendly Snoopy of
Peanuts. Keep me in the process of becoming C.G. Jung.
And keep me dancing with geometry
Stephen Hawking. Keep me fiercely openhearted
towards each experience I'm lucky enough to have Walt

Whitman. Keep me using my Ghostshirt against all harm to anyone Black
Elk. Keep me awakened Siddhartha, the
Brahmin's son. Keep me mesmerized Mister
Murakami. Keep me imagining 
a better world for the telling Hayao
Miyazaki. Keep me unafraid of
the morning's blank canvas Vincent Van Gogh. Keep me
grateful to be going through the shit Kurt
Vonnegut. Keep me here my one true love.
Keep me irrepressibly bambooish just
like Sarah Bernhardt nocturnes. Like Mr. Spock
intensely curious about all things.   dp

Our Love Is Enough


To stop the world from exploding

Like Krypton. It has to be.

Like purple flowers we're there on  

Burnt battlefields. It raises its flag,


Too, and continues the march toward

The dreaming sun in spite of

All the smoke and ash this

World has to offer. Our Love


Is enough to weather the ice

Cold precipitation of all loud hateful

Partiers above and below the radar

Of Kind thinking. It has to


Be. Our Love is enough to

Set free the zoo animals. Our

Love is enough to protect the

Creature that contains all sea creatures


From irreparable harm. It has to

Be. Our love is enough to

Filter the smog into breathable air

Again. Our love is enough to


Write the poems that witness the

Whole truth and not just some

Of the lies that are bought

And sold on the nightly news


Like used cars. It must be.

Our love is enough to turn

Back the four horsemen and their

Spaceships, turn them back into constellations,


Back into fireflies. Our love is

Enough to ensure that walls and

Bridges are there to welcome strangers

And not to incite greedy tendencies.


It has to be. Our love

Is there to remind us to

Always be creative givers. Our love

Is enough. Our love is enough. dp