On Writing

by Tim G. Young

it's the very words that are the problem
as useless or as potent as they may be
really, what the hell
whether it's a long story about ships, seas and whales
or a phony horse with a huge belly
the sameness is the words
going on over the cliff does not mean
i have actually gone over
but if you think i have then 
who knows
get a handle on the emotions 
there must be emotions attached
there must be something attached
if it's a circus
then circus events must happen
circus smells must arise
circus clowns must laugh and cry
they have the most difficult of times
even harder than the elephants
who never have opportunities to
be elephants
until they step on someone and squash them

and it's all just a completely false ride
dips and turns 
highs and lows
busses, trains, cars and airplanes
don't really need a ticket
or an ID or a piece of paper
so if the decision is made to light a match
and catch the whole thing on fire then
who really gets burned
unless you're paying for this which I know you're not
no one is getting burned
except on the finite trail of time

oh god and it's not fair to even bring certain concepts into play here
certain concepts gone astray into the heavens and into the hells
ringing like church bells like streaks of metal in the wind
it's a far far better thing i do
than throw the rope and lasso you
bring you in close enough to smell your breath
to lick your lips
to kiss the nose which blows and sneezes
like a hurricane in the section of town where
hurricanes can do the most damage
along with the beaching of the great white whales
yes animals do come into play
like all the fun noah had and another whale
but stories there must be so many
take the gift of word
and slam dunk it into their hard drives
making such an awful clatter
making a real mess of things
go below and start the coffee because it's going to be a long night
not that it hasn't been already
and a long night it has been getting my drift out of the way
closing all the doors bolting all the latches smashing all the hatchets 

take a ride on the reading it'll get you where you're going
before you even know it 
long strings of rails long lines of jails and here come the texas rangers
about to take us all in for the admittedly created crimes we have committed 
then you know they will put all of us on a slow boat to china
where we can sell our junk and chase the dragon across the universe
like we're supposed to do before any of the words begin to arrive then
come together in congregations and begin to bless our pointed little heads.