Rhapsody in the Rain

by Tim G. Young

so many bills to pay
the list keeps shedding its skin like a snake
and adding another shaker to the rattle
sometimes the rattle becomes loud
or louder

folks used to say
save for a rainy day
of course it wasn't real rain
they were talking about
real rain ain't so bad

kids used to toss coins in a
bank shaped like a pig
piggy piggy another case for
a rainy day
those hard dimes for piggy
when he was split wide open

not paying bills as a kid
now those were the good old days
no checks no cards no cards with chips
sandwiches with chips

sunshine often beat out the rain
sometimes rain on one side of the street
sunshine on the other
what to make of that

who invented such puzzles anyway
same guy who came up with the
double album
and four way sound
adding dripping wet reverb
to the raindrops (splish splash)

there are also droughts
and in this story droughts wake up
a good thing
rainy days be damned
give me some hard baked 
dry cracked earth

so then stacks of cash
grow quicker than the rattles
the snake hides under a rock
and blue skies wink at me
like a little pink pig