The World Passing By On a Double-Decker Tourist Bus in NYC

by Jerry Ratch

They've got the tourists

On the top deck of the bus

Wrapped up in large yellow

Plastic garbage bags

Riding through the City in the rain

The yellow bags flapping in the wind


Yelling in the numerous languages

At the top of the world

The tour guide in a

Floppy debonair brown felt hat

Decrying: “And there goes the infamous

Café Doma, of Italian love affair fame


Where the great loves met

Before flying back home

To bear the rest of the flame,

Children, famine, war and death

After the first great fires of the soul


Yeah, that's Café Doma,

Of Café Doma fame

And the world has never

Ever been the same


There's been some

Resistance to the Future though 

And we all know change is an illusion

And we can see right through it

To the known and unknown infamous 

Resistance of the Future