High Fives

by Jerry Ratch

They pull up to the curbside and he jumps out

To shake the hands in that familiar men's

Grasp/shake they do when saluting each other


If that isn't his daughter it should be, the one

Sitting in his car, with her door wide open


The younger girl sits watching  

Every one of the men from the car

As the graying man touches their grasp

Making sure they each see her sitting in his car

With the engine running, on their way

To the next café maybe, or the train

Or airport, or some

Cheap motel


He seems overly proud, looking back

Over his shoulder while she moves

Uncomfortably in the car seat


Trying to find the correct attitude, or position

For her long, slender legs, pulling at the hem of her

Short skirt as demurely as possible, and

Trying her best to keep a smile going


She's still quite young

So that smile won't really wrinkle or age her

Right now