by Beate Sigriddaughter

the answer is yes

let go of the elegant mantle of pain
keep dreaming a life worth living
don't hesitate to ask

trust the beauty of the world

don't be ashamed to be sad
when evening comes and there is so much
you still wanted to do

keep patiently unfolding

use twilight to reach
for the sweet flame within
don't be afraid of your ego or your anger

they are here to help you too

keep praying your fierce admiration
of all you have been given
even as the forest of anxiety grows

taller than you have ever imagined

trust the lizards and the asters
and the moon as it rises behind the juniper
let them persuade you

craving for peace has never been wrong

place a rose on your altar
now you are your own
cathedral of devotion

this moment will not come again

do something
you are not alone in this darkening
listen to the subtle symphony of rain

dance to the rhythm of dusk                                                                          

each footfall a prayer
if there is a lizard under your eve
use your sweetest voice to wish it goodnight

the answer is still yes