What It Took To Be God

by Jerry Ratch


You had to put up with 

Sunday drivers 

You had to love children 

All children, all of them! 

This is what it took to be God 


It wasn't fun 

You had to be patient, sometimes 

You had to pretend to look the other way 

You needed to lose your hearing 

Now and then 

Like an older person! 

For God's sake 


You couldn't scorn anything 

Because You had made it Yourself 

You had to learn how to 

Bite Your big-ass tongue 

Because if You spoke 

It would shake the trees           

Right down to their roots 


And You loved trees 

Maybe more than anything else 

Though the stars weren't bad 

You had to admit 


And whoa, look out 

Shaking Your big woolly head 

Just got that gigantic dandruff 

All over the planet 


I know, I know 

You call them snowflakes 

But You just keep 

Making stuff up 

Don't You?


And dreams

I mean, what about those? 

Do you even remember Reality? 

It used to be a thing!