Pia Ehrhardt

Location New Orleans
Occupation writer
Website http://www.justlivehere.com

Books by Pia Ehrhardt
  • by Pia Z. Ehrhardt
    MacAdam/Cage, 2007.

  • by Robert Shapard, James Thomas
    W. W. Norton & Company, 2007.

  • by Tara L Masih
    Rose Metal Press, 2009.

  • by Janet Burroway, Elizabeth Stuckey-French, Ned Stuckey-French
    Longman, 2010.

  • by Hamish Hamilton
    Hamish Hamilton, 2010.

  • by Christine Perkins-Hazuka, Tom Hazuka, Mark Budman
    Persea, 2011.
  • About Me

    I have a book - FAMOUS FATHERS & OTHER STORIES (MacAdam/Cage), and some of my short stories and flashes have been anthologized.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    William Maxwell - So Long, See You Tomorrow; Graham Greene - The End of the Affair; Dorothy Baker - Cassandra at the Wedding; Marguerite Duras - The Lover; and short story collections by Alice Munro, Janet Desaulniers, Jim Shepard, Deborah Eisenberg, Amy Hempel, Mary Robison, Edward P. Jones, Victoria Lancelotta, Frederick Barthelme, Danielle Evans, Charles D'Ambrosio, and fifty others.

    Pia Ehrhardt's Wall

    Carol Reid – Dec 16, 2013

    Thanks for liking my Dry Spell, Pia! Good to see around these parts again...

    Ginnah Howard – Oct 29, 2013

    Pia, thanks for your comments on my novel excerpt, DOING TIME OUTSIDE, written by you way back on September 12. I haven't been on Fictionaut for quite a while--too busy promoting.

    Nonnie Augustine – Oct 05, 2013

    Thank you for your comment on "Reprisal," Pia. Sometimes I think I crave comments, and I loved yours.

    Gary Percesepe – Oct 03, 2013

    pia! we should do a thrall crawl around nola

    i have no idea what that it, i just made it up

    thanks for reading and commenting on whatever that was

    would you blurb my new book(s)? i have two collections coming our november 10--


    Gary Percesepe – Sep 25, 2013


    hey. nice to hear from you.

    thanks for reading & commenting on that little poem--

    cheers, g

    Carol Reid – Sep 20, 2013

    So glad you liked my "Vanity", Pia! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these very short pieces. I've considered interspersing them with my longer stories in a collection...thanks for making me think about it some more.

    David Ackley – Sep 18, 2013

    Pia, If I could bottle your comments I would sip them in drunken bliss until eternity.

    Rabbit Angstrom – Sep 12, 2013

    Thank you So very much Pia for the wonderful comment on my Thunder poem, i am so very grateful for your time at looking...pax, Amy

    Walter Bjorkman – Sep 06, 2013

    Thank you Pia, for your kind words on "My dad was a Ditchdigger". I try to make my words paint pictures, movies.

    Charlotte Hamrick – Sep 05, 2013

    Thanks for your kind comment on Disparity, Pia. It means a lot from a sister New Orleanian.

    Carol Reid – Sep 04, 2013

    That was a particularly lovely comment you made about my "Sage" story. Thanks, Pia!

    Tina Barry – Sep 04, 2013

    Hi Pia. Thanks for the thanks! I have a piece up on the stories page called "Three Bedrooms in New Jersey," if you want to take a look at something recent.

    James Lloyd Davis – Sep 01, 2013

    Thank you.

    Charlotte Hamrick – Aug 07, 2013

    thanks for reading and commenting on Details. Your input is greatly appreciated!

    Nonnie Augustine – Aug 04, 2013

    Thank you for reading and commenting on My Early Thirties, Pia. I look forward to reading your work and I promise I will. Nonnie

    Tina Barry – Aug 04, 2013

    Hi Pia, Thanks for reading and saying such nice things about "Her Hair, a Braid." I appreciate the star too.

    Brenda Bishop Blakey – Jul 29, 2013

    Hi Pia. Thanks for reading and commenting on Pretend.

    Charlotte Hamrick – Jul 26, 2013

    Pia, I can't remember if I emailed you my thanks for reading and facing Spatter - I know I thought about it. It's great to see a fellow New Orleanian here and I'll be watching for your work here and on your website. Who Dat!

    Amanda Harris – Jul 25, 2013

    Thanks for the kind words on "Thirst" Pia. It was the first time I ever tried to write a micro, so I'm glad the risk paid off.

    John Riley – Oct 24, 2012

    Pia, I just checked and saw you commented on my story "Interstate" a while back. Thanks and I'm glad you liked it. I apologize for taking so long to respond.

    John Riley – Aug 03, 2012

    Thanks Pia for commenting on my "Things I Didn't Do This Year" piece. I'm flattered that you liked the structure. The reminder of how hard it is to write true sentences.

    Meg Pokrass – Jul 28, 2012

    Pia, thank you. Your comment on my story "Night Flower" made my day, my week. You are such a wonderful writer, it means so much to me. Thankyou.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 28, 2012

    Love your comment on "Annulling the Future." Thanks, Pia!

    [Speaker could be a man or a woman, but probably a man since the speaker is so bothered by her "multiple lovers." I wrote the poem as an allegory, but many so people are reading "that bride" as a real person perhaps "the maid of weaponized affection" needs to be heard from too!

    Gessy Alvarez – Jul 26, 2012

    Hi Pia. Thanks for reading "Dumb-Waiter." Bolero jackets, bolero music...it's all good.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 23, 2012

    Thank you for finding me and favoring The Miracle of My Father's Hat. Your comment was beautiful and I wrote something back . Then I read Ambulance and was blown away. A comment there, too. I look forward to reading more of your fine writing.

    Ann Bogle – Jul 15, 2012

    Pia, your comment on "Unmailed Letter to B'go" is brave, gave me a turn of phrase or two to deeply consider. Thanks.

    David Ackley – Jul 08, 2012

    Thanks, Pia, for your comprehensive take on "Express." Mostly it's nice to see your work back here, setting a standard we'd all love to live up to.

    Cherise Wolas – Jul 10, 2010

    Pia, thank you for reading Lake Chelan. It's so interesting that you found it unsettling!

    See ya – Jul 09, 2010

    Thanks, Pia, for giving me your time as a reader for my story "Virginia from Lungs, 1998." I so appreciate that and it means a great deal to me.

    David Ackley – Jul 01, 2010

    Pia, thanks for the attentive read and kind words re " Love Slut."

    Susan Tepper – Jun 27, 2010

    Pia, thanks so much for reading Deer and for your generous comments. You've given me insights on the piece that I was not consciously aware of, and I am very grateful

    Jack Swenson – Jun 23, 2010

    Pia, thanks for your more-than-generous comment about my patchwork story "Naked Ladies." And thanks for the idea! A novel it is--and of course dedicated to you.

    Michelle Elvy – Jun 12, 2010

    Pia -- Thanks for your close read of Routine and your comment. So glad you liked that one; I really wanted it to pack a punch. Your Spill is with me still -- can I share it with others? Everyone should read that piece. Very good to meet you here, Pia.

    David King – Jun 09, 2010

    Pia, thank you for reading Priest in Kilvanret and for your kind comments on the story. It has in fact been read aloud quite a few times at writers' meetings. I do a fair southern Irish accent.

    James Lloyd Davis – Jun 08, 2010

    Thank you, Pia. There's a Dickie's jacket somewhere in my own closet, but my wife doesn't speak Spanish.

    Claire King – Jun 08, 2010

    Pia, thanks so much for taking the time to read about Peach and the Gas Station Guy, I really appreciate it!

    Jack Swenson – Jun 08, 2010

    Pia, Thanks so much for your note about "The Celebrity." Father Chaos is alive and well, as far as I know. I have written several tales in which he has a role. A book? You think?

    David Ackley – Jun 08, 2010

    Pia, I was just bowled over by " Spill" and had barely picked-myself up when here came your so generous reading and response to my story " See?" -- comments like yours, from someone so gifted carry me for weeks, first class on the writer's express.

    Michael D. Brown – Dec 28, 2009

    Pia, thanks for all the great stories over the years, and a special thank you for the links to Hem. It's like a soundtrack for the new year for me.

    Corey Zeller – Oct 09, 2009


    You're beautiful and I love you...I've barely met you but I'm positive that you're the best kind of person...


    Steven Tagle – Oct 06, 2009

    Hi Pia, I loved your story, "A Man," in Spork 4.3. It's great to find more of your writing on this site! I'm looking forward to reading your short story collection.

    Pia Ehrhardt – Aug 13, 2009

    Hi Jamey - I'm never sure how to post on my own wall, if anyone will know about it, but thank you for having your students read the SF story. That makes me feel great. Just found out the story's going to be included in Janet Burroway's/Eliz. Stuckey-French's bible's next edition. My middle name is Zaninelli - Italian - and I married a German. Ciao!

    Jamey Genna – Aug 07, 2009

    I read your story in New Sudden Fiction. My high school students love it, too. Love it. Love it. How'd you get such a unique name-your own, I mean.

    Darryl Price – Jul 13, 2009

    Every time I try to leave a message for you it doesn't seem to get posted. I'm trying again. You are a wonderful presence here and everywhere. Thank you for your many good works and deeds. Much appreciated.

    Lauren Becker – Jun 03, 2009

    Hi Pia: Just wanted to thank you for reading my stuff and for your thoughtful words. And thank you for putting your own wonderful writing up. I suspect I'm not the only one here who revisits your stories regularly! Lauren

    Rachel Yoder – May 27, 2009

    Hey Pia! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my little stories and leave comments both kind and helpful. In answer to your question, yes, these little bits are part of something larger...or at least that's the plan today. I enjoy reading your stories, too! Nice to "meet" you here.

    Ru Freeman – May 13, 2009

    I know! I will. I must.....

    Brandon Hobson – May 13, 2009

    Thanks so much for the nice words, Pia. I love your work. Salutes to you!

    Ethel Rohan – May 03, 2009

    I was so excited to read your story "Following The Notes" in the NEW SUDDEN FICTION collection. As always, it was a terrific read. The tension between the narrator and father, the father and mother, and the triangle of father, mother, and daughter was palpable. I felt such a pang at the end, at the daughter's efforts to bring some light to the father's misery/his sense of being "dumped." It brought back so many memories. I had that sense of truth, that "yes, that's just how it was" that's as painful as it is illuminating. Thank you.

    Maria Robinson – Mar 24, 2009

    Thank you, Pia, for your comments on Red! You made my day!

    James Robison – Mar 24, 2009

    Your words about my story, Mars, made my day--a day otherwise bleak in just about every other aspect. So thank you.

    Molly Gaudry – Jan 29, 2009

    Hi Pia,

    Yes, I only wish there were more schools like ours. It's sad to see so many "regular" schools cutting back on the arts. Even at mine, the creative writing dept. is not as valued as the musical theatre or acting depts., mostly because creative depts. spend money and the performing make it. Money. *Sigh*


    Tim Jones-Yelvington – Jan 29, 2009

    I also wanted to tell you that "Intermediate Goals" was one of my favorite stories I've read in quite awhile. I'm surprised more people don't mention it their reviews of "Famous Fathers." Or maybe I have atypical taste? The character voice is so strong. And the absurdity of walking around in a bear costume, getting hooked on both the anonymity and the attention of that. And then that heartbreaking moment where the narrator finally says something in her own words, but her ex doesn't realize, because this moment of honesty is so unusual for her, almost like the boy who cried wolf ...you give good ending.

    Tim Jones-Yelvington – Jan 27, 2009

    Hey Pia, Thank you for your generous words about "Painted Faces." I think I learned a lot about my own story reading your response. It was kind of a weird head trip to hear from you as I literally just finished reading "Famous Fathers and other Stories" this morning, and your voice and your characters are very much on my mind.

    Lauren Becker – Jan 25, 2009

    Hi Pia: Thanks for your kind words re: "Erase." Just read "Ambulance" and was blown away. Add me to your long list of fans ...

    Victoria Skurnick – Jan 15, 2009

    Pia - Very best luck with your novels. I wrote to one of the writers you mention, but I cannot find info for Peter Landon. You might urge him to get in touch with me, if you know how to reach him. With or without MacAdam Cage, you'll be great. Victoria

    Meakin Armstrong – Jan 08, 2009

    Pia, thanks so much for your comments. Coming from you, they meant a lot. Happy New Year!

    Corey Zeller – Dec 14, 2008


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I hope someone writes a great love poem for you sometime soon.

    scott cohen – Dec 02, 2008

    Hi Pia,

    Famous Fathers and Other Stories cracked me up. I like your use of "all" followed by an adjective. I confess to using it in one of my essays.

    I'm a fellow Narrative-ite. And I too was born on May 6th. So was Bob Seger.

    Corey Zeller – Oct 26, 2008

    Great picture!

    It looks like the pretty woman playing the flute is trying to hypnotize that baby.

    Joseph Young – Sep 08, 2008

    Hi, Pia! I'm good. Busy writing et al. And You? Do you happen to be in NYC? I'm going up Wednesday with my friend Jen who's going to read with Tao Lin, somewhere in Brooklyn.

    Matthew Simmons – Aug 29, 2008

    Oh, man. I just got here, and already I'm being hazed.

    Comment noted and corrected. Hi, Pia.

    Gail Siegel – Aug 27, 2008

    Hail to thee, dear Pia! Thanks and praise for inviting me in. Seriously mon ami -- this place is spacious and beautiful and exciting. Plus, I am loving those photos of you and your sisters. I wish I could zoom in. Or zoom back. I guess that's what stories

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