Siolo Thompson

Location Seattle, WA
Occupation Writer/Artist

About Me

Things that interest me:

Performing acts of super-human strength, roasting beasts and beets, crossing waters and pages, petting sitting bears, hosting sloth races, building sand castles out of broken glass, clubbing seals, finding regular oddities, taking naps in public places.

I love to read, write and meet interesting people that are both intellectual and artistic. I like thinking artists, people with a sense of humor, those that shun indifference.

Why do you write?

I am not a particularly gifted writer or artist. I don't write because I'm good at it or because I hope people will notice and think I'm clever or because I want to be famous or loved or recognized or anything else. I write because I have to, because I walk down the street and the stories pour in, they come from every side, like hearing voices, like being crazy.

I write about the lady in front of me in the grocery line buying tampons and canned cat food and original coke (in those cute little bottles) and in my mind (and sometimes in real life because I'm weird like that) I follow her home. I think about what she looks like when she leans in close to the bathroom mirror inspecting the crows feet, cursing the disappointments that have left their trace on her once attractive if not beautiful face. I write about the weight of her breasts the stubble on her legs, the way she looks younger when she is lying flat.

I write about the guy on the bus sitting across from me reading Scientific American and wearing mismatched (but almost the same shade of navy blue) socks. I think of him sitting on his couch watching the history channel (he likes WWII history) tugging absently on his flaccid penis, socks on the floor next to an empty bowl of instant noodles.

I write about the old man who sits so straight in the back left booth of the Rusty Pelican where he orders the same meal (fish'n chips and a side of plain white toast) everyday. I think of his losses and the things he's seen, I write stories about his youth as I imagine it.

These are the things that inspire me, the miraculous moments of connection in the muddle of the everyday. Sometimes I have to paint the faces I see, try to lay down the particular quality of another human being, draw their picture in charcoal or ink or words.

The dry smoothness of a pretty girls hand that brushes mine as I reach for my coffee, the sound of someone laughing in a German accent on the other side of the bookstore. I write because I can't not write. I write because I have a kind of sickness that turns everything into words and fills up my head and has to eventually be said. I write because I'm lonely and it is my way of reaching into the lives of others and hoping to find, for a moment or two, the warmth of being part of something.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Saul Bellow and Philip Roth - I love my aging Jewish male voices. Cootzee, Nabakov, Murakami. Of the Brits - Angela Carter, Philip Larkin, Orwell (of course!), Golding, John Fowles (yes, and willing to defend this choice), Philip Pullman (no really!), Hughes (read The Hawk in the Rain).

I grew up abroad and sometimes fall into that anti-american thing but damn it we have and have had some of the best writers of all time - Fitzgerald, Thoreau, Whittier, Beecher, Eliot and Auden and Williams and all those wonderful modernists. And what of Hemingway and Steinbeck and Faulkner? His titles alone merit a mention 'The Sound and the Fury" "The Unvanquished". Miller and Mailer and Morrison and Auster and DeLillo and Carver and Oates and David Foster Wallace (whose death my dear boyfriend is mourning which makes me like him so much more {boyfriend and Wallace}).

And Heather Fowler! Of course, whose work you can read on this page!

Sigh, this list could go on and on...

Siolo Thompson's Wall

David Erlewine – Dec 17, 2009

Okay, I'm looking a little name bloodies your wall.

Thanks for the "Hurt" reference a few weeks ago. I don't think I responded in the thread. How are you? I'm still writing here and there, trying not to make any more lame proclamations. How goes the webmistress biz?

David Erlewine – Oct 30, 2009

You are very kind to ask what then...Siolo! Ha, almost like you are encouraging me to post more novel excerpts! I have to be careful...I am nearly monopolozing your wall. My behavior is starting to look clingy!

David Erlewine – Oct 09, 2009

uh, siolo, any piece of mine is yours. wow, what a wonderful thing to read. honored would not characterize my feelings. your work in all forms is exquisitie. let's huddle up and get things popping. i'll send you an f-mail (am i the only one trying to get that into our lexicon?)

David Erlewine – Oct 09, 2009

so good to see you around, hilarious/perfect comment on Ravi's masterpiece

my running is on ice, to mix metaphors. knees brutalized, plus i'm up way too late every night writing to find excitement in such pursuits.

in any event, hope you keep popping in around here.

Darryl Price – Apr 16, 2009

Hi again. Need more Siolo writings...can't live without..must read soon...thank you..

David Erlewine – Mar 21, 2009

Thanks for checking out Always with Us! Your comments about my writing style are wonderful and appreciated. I had a much hipper, funnier response but got an error message and now sound 75. Best, David

Richard Cooper – Mar 08, 2009

Siolo................ !

NE – Mar 08, 2009


Saskia van der Linden – Mar 07, 2009

What an amazing website you have! I'm also impressed with your different skills. Unfortunately, I can't access the story you published on this site - I have an ancient computer that often plays up. I'll try again sometime later this week.
Best wishes

Katrina Denza – Mar 06, 2009

Hi Siolo,

What a talented writer and artist you are! I like your website.

Dave Clapper – Mar 06, 2009

Yep. I'm going to import the Reading Under the Influence format out here. Working on putting together the organizing committee now. Will probably take a little while, but yep, it'll happen.

barry graham – Mar 06, 2009

where at dave? you in seattle?

Dave Clapper – Mar 06, 2009

Nice to meet you, too! Do you do readings much or have interest in doing readings? I'm in the beginning stages of putting together a regular reading series out here...

angel readman – Mar 05, 2009

siolo- you are a wonderful writer and i can't wait to see more of your paintings too- because what i have seen was beautiful. such a beautiful photo too- you have it all :)

Heather Fowler – Mar 05, 2009

Siolofabulous! Your work glimmers! You are on my excellent reading list of authors whose work I adore, too. SO GLAD to see you here. It's a pretty, charming place--isn't it? :)

Love, love, love,

Darryl Price – Mar 05, 2009

Don't sell yourself short. You are so a damned fine writer. Clever and inventive.I'm glad you listed Hughes.Crow was such a fantastic poetic invention of the imagination.Even though clubbing seals was funny it made me cringe.And the fact that you mention THE SOUND AND THE FURY,DAVID FOSTER WALLACE and HEATHER FOWLER makes me a fan of your intellect.

barry graham – Mar 05, 2009

'roasting beasts' - like the whos down in whoville eat for christmas? yes?

very cool webpage.

David Erlewine – Mar 04, 2009

Hi, Siolo! Thanks for your kind words about "His Face". I have loved that phrase since my wife introduced me to it years ago. I've wanted to write about it since then too! Cheers and look forward to reading your stuff. I have taken DFW's death hard, too, and love many of the writers you have on here...especially DeLillo. "Underworld" remains one of my favorites. And, Heather Fowler is great too! Cheers, David

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