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About Me

I am a mother, wife, sister, writer, ex-high school English teacher, political activist, photographer, reader, standard poodle enthusiast.

Why do you write?

My father gave me a diary when I was 8 and I was off and running. I used to write to make money: as a publicist, journalist, staff writer for a magazine, editor of a feminist newspaper. Now I write to please myself. Anger and outrage and loss fuel my creativity.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Alice Munro, Sigrid Nunez, Jane Kenyon, Anne Sexton, Donald Hall, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, James Agee, Joan Didion, Marcy Dermansky, Albert Payson Terhune, Joyce Carol Oates

Ann Dermansky's Wall

Pia Ehrhardt – Jun 12, 2010

Thank you, Ann, for the thoughtful read. Are you coming down to shoot?

Darryl Price – Mar 02, 2009

Anger and outrage and loss, oh my! But Anne Sexton once sent me a postcard with a flower drawn on it with a black magic marker. The flower was blooming, I think.And Donald Hall is one of my heroes!

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