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Occupation Writer & Film Critic
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    Atticus Books, 2012.
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    I grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany, and now live in New York City with my wife Marcy Dermansky and daughter Nina. I have a Ph.D. in English/Creative Writing from USM's Center for Writers.

    In 1995, I started Der Brennende Busch, one of the first German-language literary magazines on the web, and I've been an associate editor for Mississippi Review Online since its launch.

    The idea for Fictionaut seemed so obvious to me that I couldn't figure out why it didn't exist yet. With the recent explosion in social media, it was unavoidable that fiction would join videos, photos, music, and art in a community context. I'm excited about the prospect that together, we can build a new kind of literary space where the roles of reader, writer, and editor are distributed equally among dedicated users.

    I wrote about some of the ideas behind the site here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jurgen-fauth/why-anyone-can-publish-on_b_306798.html

    Jürgen Fauth's Wall

    Ginnah Howard – Jul 20, 2013

    Jurgen, I have a new novel coming out in mid-August and I'd like to find out about advertising on the site and/or posting the cover photo in the blog right hand column, BUT I haven't been able to find info on this on the site??

    Robert Lamb – May 08, 2013

    How does one advertise on your site?

    Carson Baker – Aug 03, 2012

    Testing. Ignore!

    Lisa Abellera – Jul 16, 2012

    Thank you so much for the invites. I'm really looking forward to introducing my fellow writers to this site and its wonderful writing community.

    Zum Bobo – May 21, 2012

    I think you are my grandfather of sorts! Thank you for inviting Ben Matvey who invited me! It is pushing me to write more...if only just a little bit.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Mar 02, 2012

    I am unable to send invitations. I also tried posting on Carson's page and that didn't work, either.

    Thank you,

    Soon to be deleted – Feb 29, 2012

    I also am unable to join a group I was invited to

    Soon to be deleted – Feb 29, 2012

    hey i tried to invite someone and got the 404 message

    MaryAnne Kolton – Feb 17, 2012

    Jürgen, Thank you for your immediate attention to this minor problem, O Mighty Master of the
    'Naut. This is why you remain at the helm.

    Thanks much Jürgen.

    avocadoben – Jan 22, 2012

    Jurgen. Thank you for inviting me to join. I do appreciate it.

    Carson Baker – Jan 19, 2012


    Lee Stoops – Dec 28, 2011

    Thank you for the invite!

    Josef K. Strosche – Dec 22, 2011

    Besten Dank! I'm thrilled to be here.

    Kyle Scot Martinez – Dec 20, 2011

    Thank you for the invite Jurgen!

    Tim G. Young – Dec 16, 2011

    Thanks for the invitation Jurgen. I am already a writer here though thanks to Marcus Speh. Hope all is well!

    Stephanie Valente – Dec 15, 2011

    Thank you so much for the invitation!

    Deborah Rickard – Dec 13, 2011

    Thanks for the invitation. I'm enjoying a tour round the site!

    sean m. poole – Dec 12, 2011

    Thanks for the invitation, Jurgen! I'm happy to be here.

    Foust – Dec 10, 2011

    Thanks for Fictionaut--and my inclusion therein!

    Nikki Magennis – Dec 10, 2011

    Thanks for the invite and the welcome, Jurgen.

    Britt Brown – Dec 09, 2011

    Jurgen, thank you for the invite! I'll put it to good use.

    Sean B. Masterson – Dec 07, 2011

    Thanks for the invite, Jürgen. I've been a long-time eavesdropper and am glad to join the conversation.

    Benjamin Buchholz – Dec 07, 2011

    Jurgen . . . thank you for the invite. Glad to find this community as I was looking for somewhere to air draft and thoughts and snippets of things. -Ben @mialaylawalayla

    Mandy Taggart – Dec 05, 2011

    Hi, Jurgen - thanks for the invite. This looks great!

    Maren Sandt – Nov 19, 2011

    Hi Jürgen, I read on your website that fictionaut.de is coming up soon. I'm thrilled about it - and also curious because I think it will be a different kind of challenge than fictionaut.com... Will be checking your site for updates! Have fun back in Germany. (We're probably moving back, too, next year - and Wiesbaden it is!)

    Carson Baker – Nov 15, 2011


    John Riley – Sep 29, 2011

    Thanks for the invitation, Jurgen. I'm thrilled to be here.

    Cary Briel – Sep 12, 2011

    Hi Jurgen... Thx again for the invite! Would it be possible for me to invite a friend, Selina Eckersall? She's a longtime writer who lives in Canada, and would be a great addition to the site. Is it possible for you to give me an invite for her? If so, thanks. ! :) Hope life is going well for you. :)

    Cary Briel – Sep 07, 2011

    Just wanted to say, thank you for the invite, Jürgen. :)

    Jason Williams – Aug 28, 2011

    Thank you for the invite. I look forward to participating in the community.

    Tom Allman – Aug 22, 2011

    Thank You Jurgen for the invitation! Hope to have something fun posted very soon.

    Jasoni – Jun 20, 2011

    Guten Tag! Many thanks.

    Jennifer Solheim – Jun 19, 2011

    Thanks for the invite, Jürgen! Will be posting my first shortly.

    Joe Kapitan – Jun 14, 2011

    Thanks for the invitation, Jurgen, glad to be here.

    Ross McMeekin – Jun 11, 2011

    Thanks so much for the invite!

    Katie – Feb 23, 2011

    Thank you for the invite to fictionaut I'm really excited about this and appreciate it. can't wait to explore and find my way around.

    Carson Baker – Feb 09, 2011

    I like to test.

    Robert Vaughan – Feb 01, 2011

    Hi Jurgen,

    Thanks so much for twittering my story, "10,000 Dollar Pyramid" to your world there. As I am only on Facebook, I truly appreciate this! And kudos, for Fictionaut. I can't thank you enough.

    Pamela J. Parker – Nov 19, 2010

    Thanks for the invite - how does it work to get to invite others in the future?

    Gene Albamonte – Nov 08, 2010

    Thanks for the invite, Jürgen.

    Robert Kloss – Oct 23, 2010

    Thanks so much for inviting me.

    Carson Baker – Oct 22, 2010

    Test test test!

    Ann Bogle – Oct 18, 2010

    Great to meet you, Jurgen!

    Carson Baker – Oct 15, 2010


    Jürgen Fauth – Oct 15, 2010

    in a gadda da vida baby

    Estelle Bruno – Aug 28, 2010

    thank you again, for your sound advice. Glad I listened to you.

    Mike Litoris – Aug 19, 2010

    Danke for the invite Jürgen! And congrats on your powerfully Teutonic name, I love it!

    ELG – Aug 17, 2010

    Hello and thank you for inviting me to join the community. Now that I am done with my MS, I will have more time to be active.

    Gyanban – Aug 11, 2010

    Danke! I really appreciate the idea behind this forum,and am glad I could become a part of it.

    Spencer Black – Aug 11, 2010

    Hi, Jurgen. Just wanted to say thanks for the invite. :)

    Scott Kuchinsky – Aug 10, 2010

    Thanks for the invite!

    Jessica Rigney – Aug 05, 2010

    Thank you for the invitation. Pleased to be here. Cheers!

    Krista Clement – Aug 03, 2010

    Vielen, vielen Dank! Es ist schoen hier zu sein. I really appreciate the invitation and look forward to being involved with the community here.

    Kendall Gutierrez – Aug 02, 2010

    Thank you for the invite. I love the site already.

    Anca Stoiculescu – Aug 02, 2010

    Many thanks for the invite!

    Tina Barry – Jun 23, 2010

    Hi Jurgen. Hope you're well. Where do I go to post a notice when a story of mine gets published? I see other writers' info on Twitter. Thanks! And thanks again for inviting me to Fictionaut. I've made some really supportive friends since I've joined.

    Reva Zerkalo – Jun 15, 2010

    saluts & many greets, j
    hope to read/post/write/regurgitate/analyse the testtubes soon

    Randal Houle – Jun 14, 2010

    Thanks for the invite, Jurgen. :)

    Nicolette Wong – Jun 11, 2010

    Thanks for the invite Jurgen. I'm thrilled to be here.

    cully perlman – Jun 09, 2010

    Thank you for the invite, Jurgen. I will post soon, but have provided a link to my writing

    Robert Vaughan – Jun 09, 2010

    Hi Jurgen, Thanks for starting Fictionaut. I have had lots of highs reading stories written by so many talented writers. A wonderful sense of community also exists here in cyber land. I am excited for your book to be available. My stories are all over the web, some in print.

    marci stillerman – Jun 07, 2010

    Jurgen---thanks for all the help--and for inviting me in. I already love Fictionaut! How do I go about posting a story?

    Tonya R. Moore – Jun 04, 2010

    Greetings Jürgen - thank you so much for the invite to this wonderful community! I'm really looking forward to interacting with such wonderfully talented people.

    Lillian Ann Slugocki – Jun 01, 2010

    Hey, thanks so much for inviting me to join. LA Slugocki

    Mark Reep – May 23, 2010

    Just a (belated) note to say thanks, Jurgen- Both for fictionaut, and inviting me aboard. All best!

    Myra King – Apr 28, 2010

    So you are the man behind it all. Well done on coming up with such a great concept. I'm having an amazing time. Been reading lots of Dean West's stuff amongst other stories. Off now to read one of yours.

    Jules Archer – Apr 23, 2010

    Thank you for the invite. Very excited to be able to contribute. And a bit nervous...

    J. Mykell Collinz – Apr 17, 2010

    Jürgen, thanks for inviting me to join fictionaut.com.

    Rick Rofihe – Apr 12, 2010

    Hi JF!

    Fictionaut is much more fun (for me) than Anderbo.com -- thanks for the invite, and let's do coffee sometime.


    Robert Haik – Apr 10, 2010

    Jurgen, Thanks for the invite. At my usual tortoise speed, I will become a good visitor.

    dris khali – Apr 08, 2010

    I should have thanked you for the invite the momment i received the messege. Anyway, i just want to tell you i am really satisfied with the site.It's a wide open window for me. it's a pleasure to read you and other writers.

    Joe Hartley – Apr 06, 2010

    Thanks for the invite

    Jane Doe – Apr 03, 2010

    Thanks for the invite! Love the site!

    Christensen Sen – Mar 27, 2010

    thanks for the invite mate!

    Adam Byatt – Feb 13, 2010

    Thanks for the invite to such an awesome community. It is proof that talent is not always on the shelf of a store, (but it is something that we aspire to). A great place to write and read, contribute and comment.
    Here's to a flourishing community.

    James B – Feb 07, 2010

    Thanks for the invite!

    Lorraine Joubert – Jan 25, 2010

    Jürgen, thank you for the invite!

    Summer Robinson – Jan 20, 2010

    I'm finally coming around to thank you for inviting me to fictionaut. A "social" site I actually use! Thank you, much. How is it I got the invite from you?

    ISCARS – Jan 14, 2010

    Thanks, I got in. Any way I can have my SOP to join Fictionaut back? I scribbled something in haste, felt impressive, but not quite enough not to forget! Hope to read some good stories.

    Sina Mashek – Jan 12, 2010

    Hey, thank you for the invite!

    Gloria Mindock – Jan 06, 2010

    Hi Jurgen-
    Thanks for joing the Cervena barva Press Group. Your German magazine sounds great! Do you publish in German only or do you have English translations?

    Jack Swenson – Jan 04, 2010

    Jurgen, thanks for nominating me. I'll be a good boy and not post any smut, although that leaves me a little short of stuff to post.

    Jack Swenson

    Sharanya Manivannan – Jan 03, 2010

    Thank you for the invite. Have just gotten started setting up my profile and hope to start posting soon.

    Linda Boroff – Dec 30, 2009

    Hi Jurgen, I tried to publish my story here but the site keeps cutting off the last page... am I doing something wrong? I tried saving it in rich text format and then copying and pasting. I'm embarrassed... it doesn't make sense without the last page. It's been up there for a while. Thanks, Linda Boroff

    Colin White – Dec 27, 2009

    Greetings, Jürgen. Thanks for the invite! Am really enjoying my Fictionaut experience so far, & have already discovered some great writing. Best wishes for 2010!

    Andrew Kenneally – Dec 21, 2009

    Thanks for the invite onto the site, Jurgen.

    AMTL – Dec 21, 2009

    Thanks so much for the invite. I can't wait to get started.

    Alyssa C. Martino – Dec 20, 2009

    Thank you for accepting my request to join the Fictionaut community. I look forward to reading, contributing, and connecting!

    Cynthia Reeser – Dec 17, 2009

    So wonderful to see your name in the Prick of the Spindle group! I love Fictionaut. It's my favorite, besides my own, ha!

    P. Jonas Bekker – Dec 15, 2009

    Thank you for the invitation! I will post my first story when all this christmassy business is over.
    Also pretty cool to see that I am not the only continental European here. On the contrary: A German runs the place!

    Winnie Khaw – Dec 04, 2009

    Thank you for the invite. I hope to be a good member of this community.


    Catherine Arnold – Dec 03, 2009

    Thanks so much for starting Fictionaut. It is a beautiful thing. Cheers!

    R. A. Allen – Nov 30, 2009

    Jurgen, thanks for the invitation. I will be posting a story soon.

    TJ Skarbo – Nov 27, 2009

    Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity! I will be posting shortly!

    Trent England – Nov 27, 2009

    Hey Jurgen - many thanks for having me aboard!

    Lou Godbold – Nov 21, 2009

    Jurgen, help!

    I am so enamored of this site I immediately wanted to post another story, but it tells me I can't because I'm still on the 'front page' of the site. I'm not on the front page of 'recently published' (or 'recommended' and 'most read,' alas), so why won't it let me post? Thanks!

    Shai Abraham – Nov 16, 2009

    Thank you for the invite. When I first stumbled upon this website, I wondered how come I hadn't encountered it before. I've already read some stories and this place seems ripe with activity and general awesomeness!

    Caitlin Spivey – Nov 16, 2009

    Hi, Jurgen! I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to be part of the site. Thanks!

    Alan Rossi – Nov 10, 2009

    thanks for the help with the center for writers group.

    David Henley – Nov 04, 2009

    Jürgen, many thanks for the invitation. It's an honour to be here and I hope this works. i love the design and functionality. Well done.

    Brendan McNally – Oct 31, 2009

    Hi Jurgen
    Thanks for letting me come aboard. I've been poking around this site a little and it looks pretty impressive and usable. Hope to talk more with you soon.

    Ajay Nair – Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the invite Jurgen. Much appreciated. Love the site.

    H-M Brown – Oct 29, 2009

    I would to first thank you for inviting me onto Fictionaut. One question I would like to ask is in regards to Fonts. What type of font does Fictionaut use and is it possible for me to use fonts like Courier New?

    L. Lee Lowe – Oct 29, 2009

    Thanks for the invite. I'm not quite sure how to go about this, because all my fiction is published online at my website. Should I post an excerpt here?

    David Fitzpatrick – Oct 26, 2009

    Love the site, thanks for the opportunity.

    Darby Harn – Oct 24, 2009

    Thank you for the invite, Jurgen. This has been really great for me.

    WhinZa KingSlée – Oct 17, 2009

    Hey, Jurgen. Thanks for the invite the other day which I gladly accepted. Will be watching developments.

    C.M. Harris – Oct 16, 2009

    Thanks for the invite. What a wonderful site. I look forward to reading...

    Ben Smith – Oct 11, 2009

    Hi Jurgen, thanks for the invite. I can't wait to have a look around and check out some of the work posted here.

    Kristin Fouquet – Oct 10, 2009

    Thank you! I really liked "Dizzy".

    Joshua Michael Stewart – Oct 09, 2009

    thanks for the invite.

    Ru Freeman – Oct 08, 2009

    Great to be involved with you again on this other literary experiment - looking forward to future posts.

    shar – Oct 06, 2009

    I'm in love with this idea!

    shar – Oct 06, 2009

    S. – Oct 02, 2009

    Hi Jurgen! I met you and Marcy in NYC with my friend Jami Attenberg awhile back - so happy about this project and can't wait to start reading lots of wonderful new things!

    Larry Strattner – Sep 22, 2009


    Thank you very much for working so hard to give us fictionaut. I for one have benefited muchly.

    I suppose I always knew I would receive the announcement of fictionaut opening to all comers. I received it today with mixed emotions. I fear it may populate the site with people less than serious.

    It has always been difficult for any of us who enjoy writing to get useful, meaningful comment from others, even those writing at a committed level. I've received same at fictionaut and valued the assistance.

    I hope we don't now all lose each other in a blizzard of twitter.

    To preempt that possibility, at least in my case I wanted to extend my appreciation to you before the visibility reaches zero.

    Thanks for your invitation. It's been good and I am sure many others share my sentiments.


    Shaun Belcher – Sep 22, 2009

    cheers from Nottingham England..maybe this site will actually make me do something apart from facebooking and tweeting:-)

    Geoffrey Fox – Jul 07, 2009

    Hi, Jürgen. Just got reconnected to the Internet in our apartment in Madrid today, haven't had a chance to explore this site much, but will soon. Looks good. What does it mean, email says my one contact (you) "faved" a story? What story? Whose? I'll get back and read some of your stuff, probably when we get back to Carboneras end of the week. Ciao.

    Ann Bogle – Jul 07, 2009

    Jurgen, u umlaut, so glad to find a dynamic fiction website at last. I enjoy your pieces here. I have a short non-fiction piece called Gerade Rechts zum Volkszimmer -- Take a sharp right at the VFW is what I mean by it. Your misching of languages is a delight. When we post a story at fictionaut, do/would editors consider it "published"?

    Mel Bosworth – Jun 27, 2009

    I like the way you think, sir.

    Mel Bosworth – Jun 27, 2009


    Thanks for the excellent site and the excellent fun. I should hang out here more often. Do you have a teapot?

    Best, Mel

    Ethel Rohan – Apr 16, 2009

    Hi Jurgen. First, thank you for this incredible site and community. I have a quick question, and didn't know where else to ask it. Why does the word count on published stories read so much higher than the story actually is? Is there a way to edit this? Thanks.

    Larry Strattner – Apr 14, 2009

    I am so happy I found this site and that you deigned to allow me membership. Whattabunchofpeople! I've been a member for thirty two seconds and have already learned eighty six things! I hope I can put something on the table as well. We'll see.

    Savannah Schroll Guz – Apr 03, 2009

    Hello, Jurgen~ I just wanted to say thank you again--this is a really wonderful corner of the web. It's so inspiring to be among all these writers with such great literary energy. :) Savannah

    CT – Mar 01, 2009

    Thanks for creating this collective... and for visiting my blog.

    Mary Miller – Feb 23, 2009

    Hey, Jurgen.
    It says I have two new messages, but I'm unable to get them; it's showing error or something. Just wanted to let someone know...Thanks!

    Maryanne Stahl – Feb 19, 2009

    hey. I just noticed that your birthday is the same day as Barack Obama.

    Tracey Curzon-Manners – Feb 11, 2009

    Thanks very much for adding me as a contact, I look forward to reading your work.

    Tracey Curzon-Manners – Feb 11, 2009

    Thanks for adding me to your contacts.

    Molly Gaudry – Jan 25, 2009

    Hi Jurgen,

    I didn't think you would mind if I posted this here?

    Jason Behrends, of What to Wear During an Orange Alert, presents:

    Special Orange Alert AWP Reading

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009
    7:30 p.m.

    Blake Butler
    Barry Graham
    S. Craig Renfroe
    Stephanie Kuehnert
    Jason Jordan
    John Domini
    Allison Eir Jenks
    Peter Schwartz
    Ben Tanzer
    Molly Gaudry

    4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60625
    (773) 293-2665

    Pradeep Jeganathan – Jan 25, 2009

    hey! this seems a great idea. i like the possibility of a working collective. great.

    Maria Robinson – Jan 12, 2009

    Hi, Jürgen, thanks for the invite! I've been poking around for a few days now- this is a very cool enterprise.

    Meakin Armstrong – Jan 06, 2009

    Jurgen, thanks so much for your kind comments!

    David Erlewine – Jan 06, 2009

    Jurgen, thanks for your kind words about my story
    "Choked"/"Pinned". Really appreciate it. I'll give the title some more thought (I'm just dreadful at titles) Take care, David

    Ru Freeman – Dec 11, 2008

    Thanks for the invite - and faith.

    Tony Hightower – Nov 28, 2008

    I didn't realize you were part of the braintrust of the site. This is a good idea, and I'm happy to play along. Good luck with it.

    Corey Zeller – Nov 22, 2008

    Hi Jurgen:

    I've really been loving Fictionaut. I also like your work. Hope things are going well in NYC.

    Jon Davies – Nov 12, 2008

    Thanks for the invite, Jurgen, and for reading my blog.

    Robbi Pounds – Nov 05, 2008

    More invites desperately needed. Is this possible?

    Robbi Pounds – Nov 03, 2008

    Jurgen, I want to thank you again for Fictionaut. I'm going to post new stuff weekly, and that is inspiration to finally finish off this book. It's a big help.

    Maryanne Stahl – Oct 07, 2008

    I'm honored that you thought of inviting me, thanks.

    Dn Ppnbrng – Oct 05, 2008

    Thanks for the fave and the kind words -- gamboling is a great way to while away the afternoon, no?

    "Bullet in the Head" sounds terrific and right up my alley; I checked the NYFF schedule and there appears to be one more showing left. Which means I'm there.

    Molly Gaudry – Oct 03, 2008

    Thanks for all of your help!

    Carolyn Kellogg – Oct 02, 2008

    Hope you didn't mind being outed in Jacket Copy. Now if I can just spend less time blogging there and more time reading here...

    Morgan Harlow – Sep 27, 2008

    Jürgen, when we send an invite, does the receiver get only what we write as a personal message or is there a standard introductory e-mail message that automatically gets sent too?

    Carrie Spell – Aug 27, 2008

    We haven't watched it yet, but we have high hopes for it, especially after this praise:

    "Forthright portrait of a sincere and fertile artist with the courage to follow his ideas wherever they lead."

    Jürgen Fauth – Aug 27, 2008

    I heard about that, Carrie, but I haven't actually seen the DVD yet. You'd think at least they'd send me a copy... Did you guys watch the movie? I have no idea what they used for the blurb but I stand by every word!

    Carrie Spell – Aug 27, 2008

    Rusty pointed out to me today that you're quoted (in red font) on the back of the new Lynch documentary DVD.

    Carson Baker – Aug 09, 2008

    There's not a single ampersand in your entire profile. I'm sad & disappointed.

    Robbi Pounds – Aug 09, 2008

    Dude! I finally managed to post some pages. They have never been seen by eyes other than my own.

    Robbi Pounds – Aug 08, 2008

    Hey, Jurgen. I just sent Marcy Ch. 11. I'm trying to figure out how to post something on here, but I'm not smart enough.

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