Tony Hightower

Location New York, NY
Occupation Game Show Host (Freelance)
IM (AIM) chicobangs2

About Me

I run a trivia night. I have no interests whatsoever.

My pieces haven't appeared much of anywhere.

Why do you write?

Terror, mostly. I write because writing is the only thing I've ever wanted to do, and to commit to something else at this point is beyond my imagination. And expanding my imagination sounds kinda hard. Harder than writing, anyway.

Two qualifications about the stories I hope to publish here: I've done some longer stuff, and I feel pretty good about how good I am at it, but there are holes in my ability to get this stuff down. Shorter pieces have always been very difficult. I hope to learn a bit about what the hell I'm doing in less than 15,000 words at a go. I really want to get good at this. I suspect the first few pieces I place here are going to be a little bit single-entendre until I figure out how to place my serve properly.

I don't want to post anything here I wrote before I got here. I'd really like to try some new things, and this place seems like the kind of place to do that.

So be gentle, reader-san. It's my first time.

Any favorite authors? Books?

William Faulkner, James Joyce, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Mark Leyner, Lester Bangs, Don Delillo, David Foster Wallace, Neil Young, Orhan Pamuk, Samuel Beckett, Pablo Neruda, Cole Porter, Peter Guralnick, Carlos Fuentes, Julio Cortazar, Richard Ford, Nelson Algren, and a guy whose name I'm pretty sure is Philip Brooke.