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Any favorite authors? Books?

Angela Carter, George Eliot, Nabakov, Shirley Jackson, Ian McEwan, Hawthorne...too many.

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James Lloyd Davis – Aug 05, 2010

Thank you, Krista, for reading, favoring and your comment on "Che at Barnes & Noble." To be honest, it's my own favorite out of all the pieces I've posted here. Validation is sweet.

Bill Yarrow – Aug 05, 2010

Thank you for your kind comment about and fav of "Par Delicatesse." I appreciate it very much!

Krista Clement – Aug 05, 2010

Thank you Susan. Glad to be here Kath.

Susan Tepper – Aug 04, 2010

Krista, thanks so much for your read/fav of my story Organic BJ's
Cheers! Susan

Kathy Fish – Aug 04, 2010

Krista, there are quite a few Zoers, but most were active early on and not so much now, unfortunately. I myself only posted again recently after being away for quite awhile. Good to see you!

Krista Clement – Aug 04, 2010

Thanks Kathy! I like yours too. Why am I not surprised you’re here? I love your writing and it just gets better and better. So glad to see you posted the Stanley Kubrick piece. Are there many Zoers at Fictionaut?

Kathy Fish – Aug 04, 2010

Hi Krista. Welcome to Fictionaut. I love this picture of you!

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