C.M. Harris

Location Minneapolis
Occupation Author, Graphic Designer
Website http://www.flammablewords.com

Books by C.M. Harris
  • by C.M. Harris
    Spinsters Ink, 2009.
  • About Me

    C.M. Harris grew up in a rural church sect and left home at eighteen to join a series of glam and punk rock bands. She eventually attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Loft Literary Center. Today she lives in Minneapolis and is Creative Director for Carbon Creative marketing and advertising agency.

    She is the author of 'The Children of Mother Glory' (Spinsters Ink, 2009) and 'Enter Oblivion' (Casperian Books, 2011)

    Why do you write?

    Being a graphic designer pays the bills, but it has also taught me how to tap into that creative fount pretty well.

    Like many novelists, I write because it's difficult not to. As a child, I was always telling stories to myself because I didn't care for the stories being told to me.

    If you strip away the surface of my work you will generally find a narrative that's either about running away or going home.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    George Saunders, Flannery O'Connor, Willa Cather

    Madame Bovary tops my list of novels. Its prose, characters, structure and themes have well stood the test of time.

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