David Henley

Occupation Editor
Website http://www.seizureonline.com

Books by David Henley
  • by Terence Bumbly
    Xou Pty Ltd, 2009.

  • by Rufi Cole, David M Henley, Stephen Ashworth
    Seizure, 2009.

  • by Rufi Cole, David Henley, Stephen Ashworth
    Seizure, 2009.

  • by Rufi Cole, David M Henley, Stephen Ashworth
    Xou Pty Ltd, 2009.
  • About Me

    I always seem to wear quite a few hats, I'm not sure if this is a subliminal drive or merely the circumstances of life.

    For most of the world I have a designer-hat, or "creative director", which is just a big hat that covers everything I do in my business life. Standard duties include designing marketing materials, mainly for books, organising and creating campaigns, mostly for books, and more and more so just coming up with ideas for others. I'm quite happy with how this hat is starting to look.

    Of course, I have my writer-hat, and under that I have the hat of my alter-ego, Terence Bumbly. I also have my illustrator-hat for when I'm commissioned for such a task. With these three hats I've got a couple of books out and another to come, all pictures and words.

    I have a new editor-hat which is taking over my other hats, as the founder and orchestrator of Seizure, I've found that in someways there is even more enjoyment in helping others. It's a real privilege for authors to let one interfere with and guide their work.

    I'm also a lover and a sinner.

    Why do you write?

    Writing for me has become partly like art. I used to paint and draw more, solely for the purpose of putting on an exhibition and presenting to people to say 'here I am', 'this is what I'm doing' and 'this is what is in my head'. The book has become this for me. It's a work of art, it's an exhibition. So whether I'm writing, or helping others bring their work to fruition, the integrity of the vision and the importance of creating art is the priority.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    So many, on the science fiction side I'll say Phillip K Dick, Stanislaw Lem, Alfred Bester and Theodore Sturgeon, each of who were not only masters at creating difficult and interesting ideas, but also were masters of their craft.

    On the more literary side: Saul Bellow, F Scott Fitzgerald, Alasdair Gray, Michael Chabon.

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