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Colonoscopy Serenade

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Retired cantor Janice Woltag Cohen just turned 50. We Boomers all know what that means. It's Colonoscopy Time!Colonoscopy! That fabulous 50th birthday present you give to yourself. Yes, it's yucky. But it's absolutely necessary. (It could save your life.)As kids…

Yikes, Bands Again!

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Monkey Business Low Ceiling Wagging Tongues Guest Sweet Murphy’s Law Kinda Hot Stopit! Freedom Ring Lumpy Oatmeal

Bands, Again?

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Monkey Business Low Ceiling Wagging Tongues Guest Sweet Murphy’s Law Kinda Hot Stopit! Freedom Ring Lumpy Oatmeal Better Not Butter Up Grumpy Umpire


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We’re like a reckless band of thieves,

Explaining To A Dog

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My wife tells me/your dog has vomited/ on the carpet AGAIN!

I May be Dried Up -- But I can Make You Breakfast in the Morning

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Our dinner was over and we regretfully had to leave the restaurant. She leaves with enough shopping money for a few weeks. He, getting the rough end of the deal, has charged more money to his credit card at 19% plus cash withdrawal fees. So I ask myself

"Is Your Stomach Making You Sad?" and Other Conundrums of 21st Century Life

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The questions we ask ourselves define who we are as a culture. “What is the meaning of life?” “Is there a God?” “Does anybody really know what time it is?” “Where the hell did I put my car keys?” To see what…

A Nun Walks Into A Library...

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Library life is full of surprises.

Fear of Flying My ass

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Caution: Flirtation devices Will drop down From overhead Cover your face first Before flirting with The passenger next to you Try to remain In an upright And locked position For as long as possible Until told to eject

If The Fire Is Not In Your Apartment

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If you get crushed in New York City that's your own problem.


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pieces of lint from some heaven unknown

Zen and the Art of Enjoying the Last Laugh

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What doesn't kill you gives you great material.

Would You Name YOUR Dog Voldemort?

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C'mere Chekhov! GOOD boy.

Others - An Long Island Fairytale

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Welcome to OTHERS. A place where I hope you will experience the enchantment of a time and place like no other MATTITUCK 1971 LIKE YOU NEVER KNEW IT

Marie Antoinette's Angel Food Cake Recipe

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honey/she said/with a wink/and a twinkle