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The Bad Tourist Handbook (with some constipation, but precious little consternation)

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A is for Apple, Arse, and Activia B is for Bad tourist C is for “Crap!” and Can’t poop! D is for “Damn it, I can’t poop!” E is for “Can’t ‘Efing poop!” F is for “F… everything, I still can’t poop!” G is for “Garbage-mouth, I cannot poop!” H

Having Your Cake and the Fear of Flying Too

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Turbulence Flatulence Abundance Corpulence Ambulance

A Tangled Web of Likes

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Liking up with the Joneses...

Things You Probably Should Know About New York City

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It is a misdemeanor to fart in NYC churches. In 1857, toilet paper was invented by a man living in NYC. No one knows how long it took for the idea to fan out from there. God only knows why it took so long, or why NYC was at the epicenter of it all

Thank God It's Friday!

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It was only a dream. No one died, nor were they even harmed. So horrifying!


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Every ten days, the Decadent Sisters assembled for dinner. Although raised together, they were each very different...

The 4 Stages of Life

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1. Cruisin’ 2. Boozin’ 3. Schmoozin’ 4. Snoozin’

You May Now Spank the Bride

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I am flying right through The inner lives of clouds By the seat of my pants Which are presently on fire And it’s a little hard to tell Whether we’re closer to Heaven Or further from Hell When I suddenly hear a voice Coming from insid

Changes Are

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When people drastically change everything about themselves repeatedly, don't they eventually just end up alienating everyone?

Forever and a Day

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Just an abnormal visit to the post office.

Another Server Calls me Young Lady, a sestina

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Oh, you whose lips form the cervical O of a doughnut, who trembles as I near.

Disappearing Ink

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Our ink was disappearing. All of it.


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The gated community of Dos was named for one of Babbage’s landmark educational figures, Ms. Dos.

The Supporting Oscars

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Weekly game night for the Oscar Family. Winning is secondary.

Lost Keys

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The most unoriginal, trite and hackneyed story ever written!