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How To Laugh and Be Happy When Not Drinking

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That is the question, not to be or not to be Life, death, whether to be, all that is superfluous in the face of laughter and how to achieve it under extraordinary circumstances like not drinking anymore I’m afraid not all the alcoh

Right in the Back

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I loved baseball and still do, but if you saw me at eleven years old you would not mistake me for that kid over there, the one with even an ounce of talent. Mine you’d measure in atoms.


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you're landscape under her flight path brother

The Forefinger of Lenin

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Who puts Vaseline on the forefinger of Lenin? I want to know

What Remains II

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Duh. It’s all the same sky. Instead I nod, and don’t say anything.

A Letter to my Aerobics Instructor

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"The spandexed carnage brings me great joy."


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You are a space-walker and a time-traveler...

Ripped From the Headlines

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Jakarta launches women-only train carriages to avoid groping Jakarta men are totally flabbergasted Jakarta population numbers appear to be on the wane

Why God was Vovka`s follower

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Stalin and sex. These S&S were taboo. We knew nothing about. Paradox... no-one can answer ... (190 words)

J.D. Salinger's Toilet Put Up For Auction

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Everybody will be talking about it on campuses across the country “Hey! You’ll never guess who’s toilet I bought. I’m not shitting you!”

Robots Among Us

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Father hands Billy a length of rope. Billy builds his resolve, fights back his tears, heads into the kitchen. It's time to become a man.

Coyote Agonistes

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Wile E. Coyote? A junkie strung out on bunk dope.

Monsieur Editor and Madame Malaprop

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They slept in the same bed but that was all they had in common. He, an editor, had shelves filled with literary works and she, his wife of many years and never much of a reader, had strewn their penthouse apartment with Madeline children’s books.

When the Sun Sets Like a Nice Salmon Mousse

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My M.F.A. in very concrete poetry was earned in a nonresidential treatment center.

He Oppressed me with Kindness

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In a strange twist of fate, I got food poisoning. Chuck stayed with me late into the night patting my back as I threw-up into the toilet. When my stomach was empty, and I was sipping at the water Chuck brought to help me feel better, I broke up with him