Robots Among Us

by Landon Beadle

His father's gaze bores into his own eyes, conveying the gravity of the situation. His father, a giant, looming feet above Billy's head. His father, arm outstretched, resting on Billy's shoulder.

"Your Mother is in the kitchen."

Billy nods.

"I'm certain, now, more than ever."

Billy gulps.

"She's a robot. And she must be stopped."

Father hands Billy a length of rope. Billy builds his resolve, fights back his tears, heads into the kitchen. It's time to become a man.

There's a pause. Then a scream. And Mother, loudly:

"Greg! What have you been telling our son?!"

Billy peers around the corner, at Father. The tears have overtaken him. He is visibly shaking. Father chuckles, before leveraging a look of sheer determination at Billy. The real imposter.

"April fools, robot. April fools."