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Eskimos Happened to Come Wandering By

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Meet Carl. He's six-three, two hundred and thirty pounds. He has light-brown hair,…

Europa Sonnets (A work in progress 1-4)

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1. So this is how the Western world ends, with a shrug:Great lanes extinguished of the lamps that yearned Once for tomorrows turnstiled as agog We watch you, Paris, long rejected, burned- If without flame from exiled …

Colonized Mike, Ch. 2: ALLERGIC TO SPINE

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My secretary'll tape them up and pay for it out of petty cash, he thought, feeling better, his panic subsiding by a peg.


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They think Van Gogh heard music when he looked at his starry nights. Working at a Bingo parlor, you get to believing in a one-in-a-million shot just as much as you doubt the rarity of a sure thing. I only worked part time at the bingo parlor because I ne

I Heard You Like the Back Seat Too, Honey: Song

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They met at a bar They didn’t get far They went to her car Then back to the bar He played guitar She was a rock star They met at a bar They didn’t get far Well, I heard you liked the back seat too, Honey I heard that you liked to h

When Spectacle Replaces Ritual,

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The aisle, nave and/ transept twist themselves/ into an auditorium.

Sonnet 7

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My fatherIt is swiftly approaching Father's day And for years I haven't been a model son.I've hung up on you, questioned your DNA.In epochs of anger our words held noneof the insight, pathos, or commonsensewe should have shared. I thought in fallacythat knowing…

The Pheasant

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Times they were a blazing, the Pheasant met God in Piccadilly meadows

Sonnets III-VI (The Ishtar Sonnets)

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With porc’lain hand she writes thy thankless verse/ Like Proserpina, strapped to eb’ny throne,/ Eternally paying the six-month purse/ For hunger once soothed with but seeds alone.

exile on and off the road

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had I gotten home without knowing it? well . . .

California Series #101

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Saying this work is reminiscent of Diebenkorn or Thiebaud is a false statement on my partfor whom am I to say if the colors capture the sea in Ocean Park and the thick brush strokes against the milky thighs are the Streets of San Francisco…

All Dogs Are Needy

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I know she's a dog person, as she owns one. “No, my asshole ex-boyfriend wanted one and then he left me with it.” she admits, then adds, “I don't even like dogs. All dogs are needy.”

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.4

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Alysia stretched her left hand out at Kurai, and the electricity connected with her fingertips like beacon.

Denis Johnson

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How strangely perfect it is To see this man memorializedAn author, so I'll always cheerThough I haven't yet read his worksA secret perhaps best keptThe shame of an English major, the shame of a friendHow strangely perfect it is To read even the names paying…

My Aunty Jill’s Treasure

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The day Aunty Jill passed away I knew I had tasks to perform. To begin with I was granted guardianship of her cat, Tippi. I took her home and slowly got her used to my, yet unknown to her, hands and voice. Secondly, in my aunty's old home was an antique wardrobe. It …


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Shit, I guess I'm gonna hafta

The Whole Debt

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just when the sky was dark with birds, the ground black with snakes, the river choked with otters, the mesa teeming with beetles, the mountains pocked with bees...

Colonized Mike, Ch. 1: UMPTEENTH TIME

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He blinked his eyes at them, like the pretty boy he still was.

Long Walks On the Beach: Song

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I don’t like long walks on the beach Or sand between my toes Jellyfish stinging my butt Saltwater up my nose I don’t like long lingering glances But I sure like fancy pantses And yes, a bum without a bottle Is like a car without a throttl


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While Evelyn watched television, I fixed her evening tea. “Are you? Fuck that world,” she replied, as though someone had asked her a question. Sometimes Evelyn got stuck on a word, using it for everything until it started to mean nothing and everything.

Sonnet 6

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There's someone in my life and we're friendswhen I met her, all I could do was yearnto hold her in my arms until the world endsthen interest waned broke like most Grecian urns.Sitting in a coffee shop watching agirl with a ten ass flounce her way to a seatand though I…


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sleeping away the remembering

Against the Wall

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happily fling Molotov cocktails// against ICE agents in armored vehicles/ and sing the pain of their burning deaths/ as triumph against asininity.

To the Manchester Children's Monster

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“As you do it unto the least of these so you do it unto me.” —Jesus These children that you murder are not your enemy. They are not your pain or your personal sorrow. They are, if anything, flowers blowing and …

Sonnet II

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When gratitude on lovers' lips rings false/ As flattery by courtly sycophants,/ Take care to well distinguish gold from dross/ So as to gild gladder remembrances.

news through a window

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TV and power cord valorized in dust,/ wires and digital guts unimpaired, I’d guess . . .


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She couldn’t help but wonder what 93 year-old Sohrabjee looked for in the torn, dusty lithograph of Marilyn in Persia one of the orderlies had stuck to the wall of the corridor outside Jasmine Wing decades ago.


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...ghosts still resentful, ghosts far from home...

A Shot at Pool

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New waitress/bartender draws my attention to bare ankles and red hair

Boardroom Bullshit

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Push the envelope