The Song Left in Me

by Jerry Ratch


The sky's on fire with existence 

When I'm around you 

Your wandering kisses enter my soul 
But your quiet beauty may be 
What really carries you 

It is like 

Finding and touching the 

Pearl of existence 

To be near you 


Was that your tattoo kissing our shadows? 
Was that your pulse on my wrist? 
The darkness of the heart 
Will tear our souls apart 
If you keep that up 


Yes, I sometimes still 

Wake up crying, but 

Only in my dreams 


Hope does a funny thing 

It brings back 

The memories of angels 

Having sex in their previous lives 


If there is a song left in me 
I've got to sing it 
Like I never have before 
If there is a word never spoken 
I have to speak it 
As if for the first time 

Even if there is no rhyme 
That can touch it 
Or feel it either 
Whether it's a bird 
Or a feather 
I have to call it mine