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Same Trailer, Different Park

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Suddenly everything is delaminating People are popping right off the surface of humanity I am coming loose from my previous lives

Smart Ass Men

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The woman in shorts chooses to remove her own clothes even as the men at the café continue to watch her without hooting once because they have learned how to contain themselves while smoldering.

Optimism in the Heart

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By a wiseman once I was told Keep an ounce of optimism in the heart Keep a space for newness Keep optimism in the heart And include yourself as part of it And now the mysteries of memory Are caught up in their own cloak And I am in your mind

When Words Were First Born

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When words were first born They were like pure prayer I could see them in the sky And hear them whispering through your hair But now they’re like dreams That only sorrow owns We still need the sun We need to find Solace on the ground

The Naked Shadows Inside Her Dress

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When the truth is spoken, we don’t know Where to look, as if we only know someone Has gotten away with something big Or stolen someone’s heart, knowing how easy It was, how fragile, how true to itself So open and weightless, without guile

The Song Left in Me

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The sky’s on fire with existence When I’m around you Your wandering kisses enter my soul But your quiet beauty may be What really carries you It is like Finding and touching the Pearl of existence To be near you Was that your tattoo