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Once the Excrement Encounters the Oscillating Rotary Air Circulator

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The film canister—with Camembert's thumb in it—was positively gouging her thighs now. When would they give up for the day and leave?

The Lizard King

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Jim Morrison moved ever so slightly in the cold of his grave

Before I Die

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Where did the time go?

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It feels like only a month ago I thought about calling you.Feels like a week ago started an email to send you and didn't.A few days ago that I nearly sent a text.It is almost a year since you killed yourself.Where did the time go?

The Birth of Intuition

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My wife’s got dangerously good Peripheral vision She can see things so far to the side That I’m almost certain she can see things behind her And I’m sure she can see things that happened yesterday But the thing that scares me the most She

Trailer for yet another Bogart flick... Rev2

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Last chance for gas between here and hell.

Homonyms Explicated

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right/rite: Your touch smooth as impulse/ Swaying my mind

Falling Rocks in Equal Doses

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Not sure I remember what's important, but I remember you. That's the whole problem I think. You're a drain where all my words wind up going down. All of them get lost inside of you. Eventually. And I'm left with nothing to say. Because all my words are…

War ; a fragment

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Lela, my grandmother.

Quintet in a Minor Key Near the End of Time

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The one thing I believe in is collapse./ Abandoned buildings collapse. Civilizations// collapse. Financial bubbles collapse./ Stars and galaxies collapse. Falling// is something that comes quite naturally/ to puffed up things.

Squirm & Bruise: My Mom and Dad

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"You had to do something back then, so I joined the Coast Guard!" he said, as though anybody said both. "My mother got us evicted!" she said, neglecting that this means homeless and ruined.

Early Morning Intrusion

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The bus is a living thing. Its engine its heart, its body our shelter, its driver the hands that take us to our destination. We cling to the bars in the aisles where scents mix and bodies touch, where young couples with knotted fingers, eyes in eyes, tell us that life is…

Pension Plan

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Let's put a cork in this drain.

sonnet from another horizon, sunset

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the day’s sirens beckon, well to ignore they/while living through sequential events . . .

The Third Leading Cause

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I leave the 29 to go after the 1


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My mother always brightens when I walk into her room, then a sallow nature overtakes the short-lived smile. It’s as if she expects someone else, and disappointment sets in when she sees it’s only me.

Old men, old dogs

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old men with crispy sunburnt ears

Face to Face

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The face had become a chilling death mask.

Three : Sixteen

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We are a city of overworked workers.

The Light Of the Face

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We all have our place But it’s always there, isn’t it Streaming throughout our lives The light of the face Where most of the soul comes to rest We see it best when the hard wind blows Cause in the course of events The wind will know our

Would You Name YOUR Dog Voldemort?

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So you don't want to give your dog an ordinary name like Fido or Spot. And you love books. So, naturally, you turn to your favorite literary classics when it's time to name the new puppy. The result? This list of actual canine names inspired by literature (from…

Of Metastatic Analogues in the Brassicaceae Family

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Yellow glioblastoma in a vegetable brain-stem..Gentlemen, I give to you the cauliflower.

Maybe Just One More Then

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You don't deserve this poem and I don't deserve to write it. Whatever time we have left is way better spent sitting in a sunny garden with a good interesting book and with a beautiful golden delicious apple to bite into. But…

David and Big Bird

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Hot sweaty bodies slam into each other to get aboard the overflowing subway car. I struggle to wedge myself though the sliding doors, bracing for more bodies to press against mine. The passengers in front of me suddenly stop and fan out.

Holy Hell! (a screenplay) (v.1)

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(and the teacher’s voice, which we realize has just faded in at a drone:)


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Endurance wears the soul thin.// The hour to succumb ticks ever closer.

In the City of K.

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I had never been to the city of K. before, having just flown in on business the other night, and so imagine my surprise at seeing my parents, waiting at a bus stop just a few blocks from my hotel.

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.14

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Karin sat down. Her heart beating fast, she clutched her chest. “I’m in over my head.”

Move Along

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W here do you think you're going what'll you think you'll do running down this highway that you never even knew

The Eyes Of The Sun

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Tall ladders extended by tanned legs and arms reached for the crop. The orchard had replenished itself with summer sounds and baskets teeming with cherries. Each year the same people made their pilgrimage up on the ladders. Freely handing out its fruit, the orchard seemed…