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The Weight of Water

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Water and its damages followed Bianca. Every time she looked up. Everywhere she looked up. Up up up up. Water stains, in darkening whorls, curling across the drywall or fiberglass panels, filling them with rot and mold.


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What used to be a scene has broken into fragments and blips of her on a screen I can’t control or manipulate.

Black Ice on the Bridge

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Acts have no meaning, but they do have / trajectory


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So, have your whiskey like a good son.

Thank ya, Jesus

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We were always thrilled that the moon worked the night shift. In high school, often bored with the two drive-in movies, we'd sometimes go to tent revivals on our dates and get healed or get saved depending upon what that “tent-housed”…

Publishing Today

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A cartoon of my personal insight to publishing as I know it.

Two Trees

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I watch my mother and my daughter, each wondering in her own quiet way about where this story will go next.

Joan of Dark

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What happens in heaven stays in heaven.

No Face World Champ

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The last time he saw his psychic, she told him you're gonna die within six months.

Should you ever be allowed to feel this good?

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I didn't notice or care that I was stripped down to just high heels, that he had placed a mirror next to the bed. I just wondered who we were looking at.

This Girl in That Shirt

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At first when she walked in, I thought she looked like a wet dog. Then after a minute, I’m trying to wrap my mind around how perfect she is.

it snows

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I popped open the wine with a Nike shoelace, a trick I learned on the internet


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The field opens up to us like something born.

Better Boys, Early Girls

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... tomatoes swelling and turning pink...

Fictionaut Is Audited

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Somehow, random phrases and sentences from the stories, comments and profile pages were generated as “replies”.

The Next Stanley Kubrick

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I have, for example, watched Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" 117 times.

Memory Freeze

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When the snow reached the windowsills I was no longer a virgin.

Making Small Things

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We were the same and different. I was wild, wild, and she was calm. A pair of dolls we were. Holding hands in thin white dresses. Running through fields. Spying on boys. Making small things from grass and weed and wildflower. One day (it was a Tuesday) al

The Thief

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I said, kiss this.

Blossoms and Buds

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not enough of us / destroy / what we create

Jesus Wept

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When my husband died, I was in bed with his brother. Ricky and I had been married six years, three months and two days when his little brother, Ben, and I gave in to the lust that just would not go away in spite of our prayers and tears.


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From the way she scooped him from his buggy, shushed him, kissed his tears and hugged him...

Sliding Windows

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Alone he waited in dimness, studied smooth wooden walls and traced their polished patterns.

Essay on Cranial Electrification and Empirical Clarification

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Although decades have passed since I last tasted lysergic acid with diethylamide flavoring, I cannot fail to remember the tasting.


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and there is no climbing up/ to any height, and the sun/ is cloaked by cloud,

Letter to a Distant Friend

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My life is life in shape alone./ The substance leaks away like blood/ removed by the embalmer’s art.

Seventh Floor Ward

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Hers is the kind of crazy that can't be masked. She's worn it on her sleeves since tenth grade.

All is Ready

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I have bathed in patchouli oil and my heavy hair is lustrous from brushing. I am wearing my gold ankle bracelets with the ruby charms that my love gave me when we had been married one year. My robe is fuchsia silk and under it I wear black satin…

Marie Antoinette's Angel Food Cake Recipe

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honey/she said/with a wink/and a twinkle

Things I Should Have Done - #3

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Should I have shooed the cats from my bed? Shaken awake the silky tangle of feline true love curled at my feet? Shut their bedroom door against them? Perhaps, maybe, I don’t know.