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A Night in Saudi Arabia

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I walk through nameless streets, narrow and winding, past shops selling scarves, spices, skins.

A Night in the Trailer of the Headlining Band

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A Night of Furversion

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Another subject of interest is "furverts"--"individuals who engage in sexual activity while dressed in animal costumes."

A Night of Not Knowing

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I lie here sleepless and wait for the moment when I will touch...

a night on the f'naut

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with images overflowing with delicate thought scenes with nightmarish wet dreams

A Night Ride With the Conservative Poetry Enforcers

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We've got our gang colors on because we're out for retribution. T.S. Eliot made an appearance at a writer's conference on De-Privileging the Dead White Male last night, and the head of a low-residency poetry program tossed hot green tea on him.

A Night Ride With the Girl Scout Legbreakers

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It’s two o’clock in the morning, and I’m lying in bed, wide awake, drenched in sweat. I know what I need–a Thin Mint cookie–but I don’t know where I’m gonna find one.

A Night Ride With the Mobile Humor Police

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The intergenerational composition of many vacation rentals can lead to strife, as jokes that win laughs among the elderly fall flat on teen ears, and the satirical humor of adolescents is perceived by senior citizens as “flip”.

A Noir Celebration

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A kind of sucking darkness into A kind of noir celebration of despair

A Not-For-Kids Dream That All Boys Have

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The room turns red and I start screaming and ejaculating. The whole class is watching as Mr.Smith slams down my copy of the test with his right hand and swiftly tears off my penis with his left.

A note from Liu Xiabo

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I think about the weight of those words—how they are silenced by the weight of stone, by the weight of 11 years in a Jinzhou prison cell,

A Note Left on the Counter

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we cared deeply, and more than you

A Novel Begins...

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She was washing the dishes in the sink, (you're not going to start with a pronoun, are you? Give her a name, for God's sake!) Kate was washing dishes in the sink, (where the hell else is she going to wash dishes? In a creek?) Kate was washing dishes (was…

A Nun Walks Into A Library...

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Library life is full of surprises.

A One-eyed Polar Bear Tap-dancing On A Polaroid Of Satan Dressed As Gandhi

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A Pair of Allowances

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“Your mother enjoyed apples and made you wear unfashionable pants; she was a bitch. From now on we eat only candy bars and we wear only shorts. But first, four hours of video games!”

A Paltry Thing

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I love Hooters. Best cheese steak in town in my opinion.

A Pantry of Unusual Sounds

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The cabinets in D’s kitchen are a pantry of unusual sounds. It is where they are stored.

A Paper that Changes Things

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The dowdy woman in fart nailed the vim.

a parable

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jaws blossoming with drool,/ a captured wolf slinks low/ across the crowded land/ for that most tender lamb/ to catch it by surprise.

A Paris

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a part of something

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the dream pattern in my mind betrayed me

A Philadelphia Story

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In the summer of 1963 I went to Philadelphia to study with a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

A Physician Bearing Witness

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Human, you said, Comfort me, at this the end, Life so long, and smiles so short, What will lie beyond the bend?

A Piece of Him

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the / future is now incomplete

A Piece of the Sky

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For the briefest moment, she was part of the sky. She hung there. Frozen. Suspended. Arms outstretched. She thought maybe she could take off flying, if she strained against gravity hard enough. She would soar into the pale blue until she reached the clouds. They …

A Pill for a Pill

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Some things I reject out right. That is I think I disagree As John put it. You can't play the game. I was never Too good at pretending. It's not that I can walk on water, It's that I don't mind getting my clothes wet to get away From all the…

A Pita Full Tale

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My distinguished white-haired boss sat behind a table at the entrance of the building and gave me a forbidding look. You’re fired, he said. Get out.

a pity

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The one that I love - doesn't love me.

A Place in the Sun

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What grabbed the mind when you heard about it was the way he did it.