Diane D. Gillette

Location Chicago, IL
Occupation Teacher/Tutor
Website http://www.digillette.com

About Me

I'm first and foremost a writer in the process of rearranging my universe to avoid ever having to work in an office ever again. I've been fortunate: amazing students have been gifted to me and I get the pleasure of working with them on writing skills and other academic things. I hope I get to do this for a very long time because the joy I get in working with them feeds my writing. I am also a founding editor of Cat on a Leash Review, which helps me keep that balance between writer/teacher/editor. Check us out at www.catonaleashreview.com.

Flash fiction is my great writing love and that is where most of my writing time is spent, however, I still dabble with short stories and novels with my schedule allows.

When not writing or teaching, I like to ride public transportation around Chicago. I live here with the love of my life and our two cats, all of who act as my muses quite frequently. You can learn more about me at www.digillette.com.

Why do you write?

I write because the mere act of putting words on paper makes me feel more balanced. Creating imaginary people and worlds makes me better able to deal with the real people and world. I write in the hopes that someone may someday read my words and feel entertained and maybe even learn to see something in a new way. I write as if I had no choice and know that I would choose to write even if I did.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood
Watership Down by Richard Adams
The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint
Lost by Gregory Maguire
Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Short fiction by Matt Bell, Meg Pokrass, Grace Paley, Raymond Carver, Donald Barthelme, Elizabeth Ellen.

And last but not least, when I need my urban fantasy fix, I turn to Richelle Mead, Jim Butcher, or Patricia Briggs.

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Diane D. Gillette – Dec 04, 2011

Thanks! I look forward to exploring and participating!

Robert Vaughan – Dec 04, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Diane!

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