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From New Sketches In Gravitas

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"Just once." he had said. "Yes." her head...he knew he could have gotten in there. After all, she had cried. That was the easy kind.

March Madness

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“I’ll be damned,” he said. “I never knew where that was.”

Cookie Monster's Harem in the Sky

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Last week I came home early from work and caught my wife having sex with the Cookie Monster.

The Perfidy Peckers

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She was a sad angry woman who lost her throat. She traveled to Uranus for help. “How can I get my throat back?” She asked Uranus. “Go home and plant my seed inside your garden” Uranus said. The woman did what she was told. The charcoal

Wipe Your Feet at the Door of Sex

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Jackson ran his sweaty hands over his vintage cowboy shirt hoping testosterone would iron it.

Following Questions

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4. If the property line is a symbol, what about the neighbor girl's window, the flickering candle in her room, her black cotton panties?

La Sombra

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The big-mouthed white woman came to the desert to study water. There are coyotes and rats and cactus and ocotillo. People and chickens and horses and cows. Lizards and bats. Scorpions and flies. Cats and dogs. There are four madrones in the plaza.


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He pounds the roof of the Pontiac with the side of his fist and it rumbles like a timpani. He raises his head to light and wipes the sweat from his forehead. There's no sense in fighting it. He will go back and knock on Peter's door.

Lynda, The First

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Spring break that year, I spent nearly every minute with Lynda. Her taste for sex was unquenchable once we’d gotten started. We did it in every position possible. The sitting position in the front seat of the car, which my brother Harris had to explain

Just Kidding

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Your place is extra. No it isn't. It is, baby. The man was as aroused by her discomfort as he had been annoyed by her laugh. She wasn't laughing now.

sunday morning lie-in

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i'm staying down here


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"The worst was the maggots."

Without Consent

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You never thought you were capable of rape.

Tears of a Trucker

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You slide a piece of popcorn past your lips. I want to grab a handful and cram it into my mouth, perhaps I want to ram my face into the bowl, shake my head and watch the pieces fly... [669 words] (Explicit language).

Why I Want To Go North

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we all want to go down / because nothing north can be good.