Jeremy Cairns

Location Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Writer / SEO

About Me

I'm confused most of the time. I seem to be on top of it on the surface, but it's just because of the short hair, glasses, and wrinkle free fabric. I can't stop the words in my head. I wish I had just been left with babbling, crying, and laughing as my main form of communication sometimes.

Why do you write?

I'm influenced by everything around me. It could be the bells from the massive church across the street, the smells from the Hispanic community next door, or my cat jumping on my face with paws that are cold...or are they that pee? EWWW!

Any favorite authors? Books?

Sandra Cisneros, Leo Tolstoy, Billy Collins, Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Shakespeare, Tara Hardy, Hunter S. Thompson, Jean Toomer, Neal Stevenson, Mark Twain, August Wilson, Christopher LaTier, The Cohen Brothers, Sophocles, Larry David, Charles Bukowski, Kate Chopin, Richard Pryor...I read every day so there are about 1000 more people I would want to add to this list.

Jeremy Cairns's Wall

dris khali – Mar 25, 2010

You know, ther's this famous in our world: 1001.
it remindsme of fantastic, mysterios stories.

Darryl Price – Mar 23, 2010

Bill Shakespeare and Richard Pryor--cool! Welcome aboard.

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