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In Her Wake

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A piece of her skull landed here. But it fell off. Then I couldn't find it.

Trust In Wolves

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All wolves, my child, want to be eaten.


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your olive-pitting thumbs

Looney Tunes

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I put my arms around her and whisper to her while she plays the piano. She wiggles and tells me to stop it.


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I didn’t answer right away. I didn’t know how to answer. Maybe I should say that my boyfriend left a toothbrush at my house, and that has recently elevated the level of our relationship. But I wasn’t quite sure what to call him. I had been living li


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Marcel was sitting across from me when I pulled the potato out of my backpack. He was small, brown, round; I tried to pick one that didn’t look old or make me look poor. A classless potato. “What’s that?” “Ummm it’s a potato.” “

Is she talking about an orgasm?

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Convulsing apexes of eagerness. Sweat on his temple & on her brow. Click goes the ignitor of cancer immersed canes of indulgence. Two carny covered consciences ponder in their innocence.

Cover Story

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Love among the ruins?

pickup truck

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The first time we fucked my face was squashed between a seatbelt buckle and the right-side door.


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I would ask for your name/if your tongue wasn’t in my mouth.

The Illumination

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"Mortify me, father," she said.

Breasts by Candlelight

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White waxed thighs, meet in shadow triangle - vertical line to a promised entry.

Angels Carry the Sun excerpt: Chapter One, In the Woods

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Chapter One In the Woods Everett Finn liked white-bread sandwiches. In June, Flora forfeited all her free cafeteria lunches to sit with him during his quiet lunch breaks in the classroom. "Eleven more days until graduation," she told him. He sat…


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She wants her mother back and all I can give her is this—over and over. She doesn't want my mouth, wants no kissing anywhere even. Just this. Like this—quiet and rough. Quiet because her stepfather is napping in the bedroom next to…

in pseudonym of her sex

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(un mort petit) If I told you the moment of death is just that, a moment nothing more