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Diary of a Lost Girl

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They were all in love with tortured musicians, 22-year-old geniuses who hanged themselves after making one perfect album. The musicians generally lived in England. It was safer that way.

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 14

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Steve Bancroft’s future wife showed up at his door that same night, slamming her hand loudly against the door and shouting for him. “Steve, Steve, wake up. Damn it, come on. You forgot to pick me up at the airport. Who are you in there with? I said wa


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We ate wontons until marriage became a tag on a fortune cookie. In a talk about needs he said do you even masturbate. I lied to him. In bed.(And here's my filler to get it to eligible posting size.)

Adult Summer Sex Camp

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Could I believe at one time it was between this and baseball fantasy camp?

Chemistry (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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Whenever we’re carressin’, I find you quite engrossin’, I’m filled with vasopressin endorphins and oxytocin.

Blood Stains

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For Christ sake, my favorite cartoon was Jem and the Holograms but you wouldn't see her pink haired ass on my arm. I knew right then and there this session in the sack was going south quick. I guess we had better just fuck and get it over with. I got on

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 17

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Thus was Rent-a- Rat, Inc born. At first it was Rent-a-Rugrat, but we changed it so the Army wouldn’t be onto us. Our first headquarters was out of a damned tent on Red Square, but we would get the hell out of there as soon as we could muster the necess

My Old Guy Boyfriend

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His coarsely shaking voice, whispering embarrassingly crass old guy things in my ear, will make the blood rush to my young lady parts.

The Gherkin

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Concerning the procedure, he used the surgical we. "We will remove the excess and the fat cells," he said, "will never bother us again."

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 17

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At the house one night we were all sitting around at one of those infernal communal meetings that go on into the night full of pot smoke and red wine, when the door was nudged open and a stray dog wandered into the living room. It was a strange coyote-loo

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 19

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His wings were down when he got into the truck. It was a used UPS truck we’d bought from someone in Berkeley, and we painted out the letter “S,” so that it just read “UP.” We’d seen him standing by the side of Highway 1, but tried to ignore

No Exit & Other Stories

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I could only hope that she would call. If she did, well, that would be nice. Sweet.

Struggle Has Ended

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Shh! What? The downstairs neighbors. They’re at it again. What? It’s the weekend? They’re both home? Oh. Remember? I think so. Sort of. Shh! What’s that grunting? He must be doing the heavy lifting. Sounds like he’s hurt

The Last 3,600 Seconds

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I can feel everything getting closer, the past catching up. All the cunts and cocks and clits I've ever touched. I left them all on the other side of the world, and now they're creeping back to me.

Reading the Writing on the Wedding Cake

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In a line behind her were a series of naked and muscular men, dressed only in white paper bakery hats.