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Listen, I don’t want to get all teary and here I am getting all teary, but it’s not what you think. What it is is that I think about that very first time, when she comes out of the bathroom completely naked and she looks like heaven’s very best neig

My Own Worst Enemy (revised)

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There was so much to overcome after a childhood of hiding self-loathing and panic under pillows, so much to do to make up for loss: the pursuit of a generous fan club, which entailed the cultivation of an opaque, John Galt persona, a larger than life self

Dionysus the Liberator

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We were known at every hipster joint and gay bar on Fifth Avenue: the Weslyan-diaspora bar, the Oberlin-diaspora bar, the ex-Lesbian Avenger bar. We just drank all the time, every night for months. We drank athletically, doing reps of beer then whiskey, t

My Love Affair With The Unknown Comic

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At least, I think it was him. It sure looked like him.

The Tall Guys Club

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Some of the guys wear earplugs. They wear ‘em because they don’t wanna hear it. Oscar Livitt fucking. Nobody looks.

Godiva and the Vampire

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Some vampire with teeth hanging out must have lived (if you can call it that) here once, his native soil abundant. He surely found it moody enough, the various phantoms of his blood-ripened ego stirred by the long dark corridors, the open windows, blown

Multiple Personality Disorder

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I remember your mother- she had sixteen different personalities and got arrested because she thought she was a trucker fighting like a sailor one night at the bar and I remember your father with his trailer and the boxes of blow up dolls and dildo

Rabid Atween Da Erz

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yoo evva kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz NO end din yoo siz yoo wanna kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz OK end yoo pull yoo

Split the Hidden Hair

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he took me in his arms, and was about to take me… and daddy came around the corner yelling and screaming

Sort of Like Bukowski, But Completely Oblivious

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My eyes don’t close but hers are shut tight, and something inside tells me that to this girl, I could be absolutely anyone.


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Not everybody sees Father. Not Mom, not Dad, not even my little brother, Andre, and he see lots of things. Me, I need to.


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"What's that smell?" Osama glares at me from the front seat of the Trans Am. "What smell?" I say. "You smell like a diaper. Are you wearing a diaper?" Osama and Peach both laugh at me. "No... maybe, its my Baby Soft perfume. Is it too strong?"

Eden, Suburbs

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The boy peered at the rather unusual place between the girl’s legs, which was entirely more complicated than a person might be given to believe should he see it, for example, bundled in underpants or a bathing suit.


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On the first day of my diet, I only cheated once. But I sort of made up for it by taking the stairs at work and parking far away from the entrance to J.C. Penney. I went to the mall to look at the sexy outfits I would buy as soon as I could get rid of

Hand and Glove

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She was a church girl, like all Annie's kin, always dressed all buttoned-up and proper. The clothes couldn't hide her, though. Tits like softballs and an ass like a whitetail deer's — curvy and all muscle. I loved to watch her. The way she walked.