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Sticky Wants to Grab

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I’ll bring the naproxen sodium so we won’t have any problem grabbing things.


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I was seeking punishment so I put my lips around a bright green persimmon and bit down, the bitterness of its flesh overcame me...


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The dying boy laydressed in a white robe,his body half-reclinedhe wore giant crucifixand smiled for the camerapale yellow skinand head shornlong thin armsplucked full by i.v.'she smiled this dayand smiled all days after,believing he recoveredWhen they laid him downlowered…

maggots are small minutes in the trash i saw them

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maggots are small minutes in the trash i saw them

Wall and Key

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I couldn't sleep so I got up and put on my robe and my work boots. I went out to the shed and got the rusty old sledge hammer.

All Bones

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If you get another mother don't call her Mama.

Panic Attack

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What is it that ignites the fear?

Apology + Opportunity

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What I need to secure from you now are two swears on this copy of Camp Bylaws for the Hearty and True that you won’t let my misinformed intrusion dampen your beginnings.

In a bar

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You read Latin? Drink vodka at ten in the morning? What are you?

Trying to get drunk in Los Angeles

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Getting the beer was easy enough

On the Way to Australia

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On an iceberg in the Atlanticyou hunched down nakedin the sunYou were waiting, as thewaves moved you,to reach AustraliaThen you would bound offyour 'berg, as its lastisland meltedAnd you would run freewith the 'roos acrossthe OutbackIt would be years before youarrived,…

stinking nightgown

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Frank says if I eat the whole bowl of live crickets he’ll give me five dollars and his grandfather’s silver bullet from the war.

Fuck Me Please

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Your maddening oh-so-skinny jeans make me so hungry/I need to peel them off your narrow hips like potato skin.

The Couple, Back and Forth

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You should arrest himshe saidbecause he's too happybecause he treatsme cold otherwiseYou should pin him tothe wall with yourviolence, make hismouth bleed and watchhim crumbleYou should listen towhat he'struly sayingnot his inflectionsAnd you should see he's a…


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Her beak—an angular void in the center...