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Of Koyaanisqatsi

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"geographies of madness, swarms of faces"

Wishing for the Shadow of a Perfect Cube

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Words darken with smut and irony over time.

Memento Mori

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she suppurates, supplicates, operates, dredges through phrases she shakes, licks the truth from burnt edges, attempts to articulate fate from the ashes while Pluto, her final date, waits without passion.

white mouth

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...lying there across my vision, a cereal grain pours through the window...

Kitchen Fruit Fly Suicides

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How the hell do these 1/8 inch long red-eyed flying insects wind up in my kitchen anyway?

More Of My Dark Job History

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In my 14 to 15 year old life in the late 50s I worked as a clean-up boy in the neighborhood butcher shop up on 5th. Ave.,

Syntax Connections

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Consider this. Only a sentence ago we were complete strangers, oceans of time, distance and thought between us.

The Men's Chair In the Women's Shoe Department

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We were going shopping, and they put me in the women’s shoe department at Macy’s so I would really have something to write about, and maybe you can imagine what happened. Well, this one woman sits down right in the chair next to me, which I thought a

Mirror, Handheld

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the making by taking away


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Where are the wads of gum thumbed to the undersides of ancient desks, each crusted barnacle evidence of a bored teenager? Where are the pencils stuck in polystyrene ceiling tiles? Pacing the empty room, Zoom tiles like alphabetized gravestones to a lost year. Alone,…

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb #1

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Watch the ocean turn to yama budo ink, darkish blood swirling with the salt water.