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The Measure of Love

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Night is coming on with its slender threads of knowing.

We Are Waiting For The Wolves

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You say we will go together to the park and dig a shallow grave and atone for everything we ever did by breathing soil deep into our lungs, and the wolves will leave.

Right Hand, Left Hand

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On the hottest day of the year

To-Do List

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In bed, thoughts of all the things she needed to do circled her mind. She had to deposit his pension check, meet with the insurance company, fill out a form at the social security office, shop for Christmas presents, run to the post office and mail those presents out before…

Memorial Day

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War came home tonight. We weep and hug, while he stares over our shoulders, like the statue we'll make of him. We pour a drink for his shaky hands, wheel him past his friends the dead, and lie to each other about other, far off places as if we knew.

The Measure of Love

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Night is coming on with its slender threads of knowing.

Saturday Morning

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The piecing together of last night riles you up from the ground hands on face wipe the grime off your onion skin move jaw rub the sharp pain on the side of your neckscratch your oily scalp readjust your bra and luxuriate in the low-hanging sun.

Madam, Domina, Femme Fatale

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The classic choice is between a Madonna or a Whore. But I say, there's a third choice. A Dominatrix.The Dominatrix will give you what you are most afraid to ask. Dunk your head in the water. Without fear or apologies. Without hesitation.…

Frida wonders if there’s a better way

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She’s changed leaves to emeralds. Worn a shawl of inked birds’ wings.

The Seduction

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You beckon me with an aperitif. The Kir Royal tingles, its bubbles tickling my nose. Its subtle black courant pulls me into your smile. I drink from your lips the champagne-tingle of your kiss.


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I can't tell the difference between my hands and my heart. I use them the same, they are both being pulled toward the ocean. Out of the beach grass begins a trail I made in the sand. Made by the dragging of limbs. I spent more than half the…

Thrones & Lashes

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And this lie exactly is what failing you throw out to calibrate your bearings by

A Fair Retail, or Melpomene

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The man with the exploded head owned a junk shop full of things he pulled out of his dreams ...

Reaper Drone

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The extortion belief in himself has turned into a noose he tells his neck would do well tightening.


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You lie seeming less obvious than led by false hopes that never manage to overcome your hurts.