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We two

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We two have this entire lifetime left, so let's waste it . . . .


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On the ground deputies comb the back roads. Border Patrol scouts from the air

Exile on Main St.

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The sax is a slow river, all misted over, in the decadent drift of summer nights...


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Goat woman from (not in) an Aquarian age

For Now

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meanwhile, the phone doesn’t ring and that’s a good thing

Frida with Monkey, 1940

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It has scent, your heat, of jonquils and lime, of spices seared in a hot black pan.

Latte Art

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The barista with the fake rainbow nails and amazing cleft. . . .

Parable of the Sword

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Two swordsmen met in a desert. One, either, said, “If I kill you, or you kill me, these swords will last after others forget who won. Then, time & sand will whittle even them away utterly. There is no victor.” And one, either, both, or none dropped the sword…

Improbability as Main Course

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human intrusion or wishful thinking or just sorry luck

chicken little considers the sky again

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oh, sure i’m still running around like a heads-up/off/prophet/profit/fit trying to cut off my very own de/(con)instruction and all other sordid a•void•able & available/a-Babel towers of post &toastmodern doom/daze

Solitary Lunatics Up On The Roof

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Up top, the sky is like a fist fight- fat lip purple and bitchslap pinks get wilder as the tabs kick in. Those hovering lights are aliens! we assert with insistent like-mindedness from where we sit directly beneath the airport flight path.

Astral Hymn

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I'm dying I'm straining and everything is popping.

Short, Short, after Two Hours with Raymond Carver

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the world is too fractured

Swimming with Cézanne

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When I hear the words “earth tones” I think of every tone on the earth


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Not a bird, but a collection of blue: cobalt, indigo, ink-dipped navy.