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Trolling for Bass

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My father gave up fishing when I left home for good. He let his five-dollar rowboats, planted in a dozen lakes, fall prey to vandals, rot, or thieves.

City Basements

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My flashlight sometimes catches spiders big as Easter bonnets. Once I spotted a full-grown alligator, probably flushed down a toilet in its youth. Somnolent and heavy, it grinned as I scampered past.

The United Church of Cigarettes

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Most keep their eyes closed. Some look up at the cloud covering the kneeling ecclesiastical trash perched high. Others look around, overly warm.

Five Easy Pieces, Disassembled

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Icons never remain whole.

77 Words About Last Night

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Blacked-out out on junk, I bet money on a sport I hated just last year.


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"leaves &damage, &shifts of shape"

Just a Matter of Time

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so maybe I should just stick a pin into a wall map

Woman in Tableaux

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from first words to something real

Woman in Tableaux

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from first words to something real

The Ballad Of Sideshow Sam & The Heckler

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"You know what a hobo is, my young friend? Or a tramp? Or a bum? Well, I'll tell ya, 'cuz you'll meet all of 'em in yer life and it's a good thing to know since they are each one of 'em different and the difference is this. Bums sit around and loaf. T

Unday Morning

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At the Bizarre Bazaar in the village of There You Are we waited on the platform when the Midnight Special steamed into the station pulling a plain brown wrapper disguised as an invisible train

Feminine Rage

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The Bimmer flashes his brights like you need him to remind you of your dick move. The toll plaza for the GWB is only a mile away, but the Bimmer is riding your tail the whole way. Once you pass the toll plaza, he reappears on your right side, matching you


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They say, without destruction nothing is born but they forget to tell you that sometimes what's born is already dead.

from Aposiopesis

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the only altered state worth the experience is sleep to see this room from the vantage of an- other yet life is two…

Spittle and Daub

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Tonight's wet thing needs spittle and daub to get me going...