Sydney Kilgore

Location Magnolia, AR
Occupation Student

Why do you write?

"As far as we know, a cat that refuses to chase mice would be a biological monstrosity, perhaps the result of a malignant mutation, certainly a traitor to the very essence of felinity."
- From Peter Berger's Invitation to Sociology

Any favorite authors? Books?

Lamb, Lord of the Flies, Watchmen, Superman: Red Son, Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume Two: Love and Death, The Beach, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Thief of Always, War of the Worlds, The Last Man Series, Dead Until Dark.

Sydney Kilgore's Wall

Gary Percesepe – Jan 08, 2010

you've got a writer's name, that's for damn sure. i'd keep it, that name.



Darryl Price – Nov 16, 2009

Loved the favorites list!

Micah Dean Hicks – Nov 15, 2009

I know 'bout them Polish. They be writin' them pomes. Damn.

Your "Why do you write?" entry is the most killer one I have seen round these parts.

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