Wall and Key

by P. Jonas Bekker

I couldn't sleep so I got up and put on my robe and my work boots. I went out to the shed and got the rusty old sledge hammer. I took it into the hallway and banged away at the wall. Soon, I could see my neighbor's living room. She wasn't there. She works nights. I squeezed through the hole, found the remote and petted the cat. There was nothing on so I went to the front door. It was locked. We keep each other's keys just in case, so I walked back to the living room, squeezed back through the hole and found the key in the hallway dresser. Passing the kitchen on my way back to the front door, I checked her fridge to see if she had any orange juice. There was none. It was cold being outside in just my robe. I walked to my own door and put my neighbor's key in the letterbox. Now I couldn't get back into my house. Fortunately, I was still holding the sledge hammer. I used it to gain access to a van parked nearby. There, I slept a peaceful sleep the rest of the morning.