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Cherry Bomb

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I pictured myself walking to work while rainbows beamed out of me like rays to the sun. People would stop in their tracks and ask themselves who that fabulous vision walking down the street was. Word of my amazing shoes would travel wide and far across th

Chopsticks Turbulence [!]

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Abundant cream has coated my world.

Apology + Opportunity

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What I need to secure from you now are two swears on this copy of Camp Bylaws for the Hearty and True that you won’t let my misinformed intrusion dampen your beginnings.


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Let us now proclaim a new holiday for ex’s called X-Day Let’s throw out weddings and first kisses and that old haunted V-Day (Virginity Day) X-Day will soon take over as the major holiday Tell the boss you’ll be taking off

Osmo's Bells

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Worldwide, sturdy bells quickly superseded decomposable, and edible, cheese balls as jesters' preferred cap ornaments.

Love, Story

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I don’t read fiction he said dismissively and it was such a profoundly ridiculous denial of something so essential like saying I don't breathe air or I don’t make love or I don’t like music for fuck’s sake that all I could think to say in response

Pi in the Sky

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The possibility for numerous outcomes – the possibility of anything, really – lives on the writer’s page.

Venus Envy

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Our illustrious President no piker himself has revealed making 5.5 mil this past year while the rest of us went bust He stated he expects to see men on Mars in his lifetime Men on Mars? What’s next, women on Venus? And now I m

The Great Wall of Suburbia

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Old man Hensley was fed up. With everything, he would say, if one was so inclined to ask (which was not advisable). It was his first morning as an official retiree and, if it was…

In the Nature of Scorpions and Tortoises

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Scorpions can be very pushy, and any tortoise hates being called a bigot.


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Marcel was sitting across from me when I pulled the potato out of my backpack. He was small, brown, round; I tried to pick one that didn’t look old or make me look poor. A classless potato. “What’s that?” “Ummm it’s a potato.” “

trying to be honest but twitter is over capacity

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To be honest, I've always wanted to be black

Cover Story

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Love among the ruins?

Care Takers

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Silverfish, so many underfoot in our apartment that we float around all over the carpeting and hardwood floors without actually touching down They do all the heavy lifting around here They clip the dead heads on the roses outs

that thing that flashes on your screen waiting for you to type

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"Excuse me, but are we going to learn anything today?"