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New Law Brings A Stink to Tax Payers

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"I can already see that we're going to have a lot of (expletive) on our hands"


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I would ask for your name/if your tongue wasn’t in my mouth.


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a just-a-minute mother of mots justes.


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Fat robins are chirping – loudly – at 4 a.m. They’re trying to delude the worms into thinking it’s dawn already The worms get up underground They’re grumpy, they bump into things They come up to the surface and Wham! That

What Motherhood Does

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...I’m cool as hell. And I want to look like I did when I was leaping about with half dressed ribs to music we made once upon a long ago... [197 words]

Disgruntled Employee Brings New Meaning to "$5 Foot long"

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At first his efforts were going unnoticed until Bill in Advertising came up with the genius "5 Dollar Foot Long"

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 1

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In those days everyone ate poetry for lunch. It was considered essential for your good up-bringing and mental health. We would skip a meal in order to satisfy our hunger for words. To hell with a meal. To hell with dirty politics and meaningless wars on o

Tribal Elder

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"Look at this," she says while thumbing through the guide book, "look at what we can do on Jooga Booga island. Says here, 'Parasailing over the sapphire blue sea, one soars hundred of feet above water-skiers, boaters, and snorkelers, and the picture is b

The Rite and Wrong of Passage

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My sadistic doctor was the only one laughing . Yes sir, I was officially, cordially, confirmed to meet that Irish/ Russian fellow…Colon Oscopy.


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So if we all have an idea what goes down when the young person at the cash register (the registerista?) asks, “Can I help you?” then we all know there’s a different way to habla at Seattle’s gift to the world.

For Chronic Reduplicators, Things Aren't Hunky-Dory

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"Everything was hunky-dory at my last job," Jim says of MediPet, a maker of veterinary supplies. "Then my manager quit and they hired this real fuddy-duddy. He gave me the heebie-jeebies."

A Few Introductory Words

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And without further ado, The Author.

Happy Hour at the Goodall Institute

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Please please PLEASE no more finger signs today. Lucy sick of finger signs. Yadda yadda yadda-Lucy doesn't know what Jane TALKING ABOUT! ENOUGH!

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 6

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When I got word from Mary Jo, she warned me that Mitchell Parkman was out looking for me with a butcher knife. I knew immediately what I had to do. I packed up my things and sold the Pepsi van and moved up to a room on Regent Street in Berkeley, all the w

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 7

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Warren Jeffries had called me on the phone the night before and said, “Listen to this,” as he held the receiver out his bedroom window at the noise coming from the riot on campus. They were spraying gas over People’s Park, trying to get them to disp