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Lying all over itself...

hendecasyllabic moon

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that moon does not think (unless mineral thoughts) . . .

Sparrow and Mockingbird Greet the Dawn

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feathered waves of tangerine peach

Cold, Cold Night

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I thought I heard Follow your heart On the cold, cold Night of the soul I thought I heard Follow your heart, follow your heart On this coldest night Of the soul Leaves on fire, leaves on fire They told me look Into the flames To


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this reaching, this striving to love like it's there becoming something we need.


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It was entirely my fault, misreading signals. I have a clumsy imagination, mistook your gushing about my boobs as a soul connection. Then you said something about us being lovers in a past life, and I remembered Bobby Bubion from high school, his strategy for…

Serrated Leaves

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The old man watched his cat feel the contours of his lap before settling down in its mould. It's time, he muttered, moving gently to and fro in his rocking chair. Macha had fallen ill. Arlo had been given a two-year gift. Then he had also thought the time had come, but she…

"Ripping Good Poetry" Punishes Boys Who Curse With Verse

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“I read one of Tennyson's poems, The Lotos-Eaters, which is about sitting around and getting high by eating a natural narcotic. It seems these natives get like totally wasted."

The Dead

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The dead want you to calm down.They are quite fine, and don't needyour post-mortem tears, the flowers and veils; their names mispronounced by preachers. None of your catechisms will do -- especiallyfor the children, who know them well and need no…


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The moon poured more/ light into the sky/ yet we kept on talking

An Uneventful Night in an Italian Hospital

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The voice is back! That voice, like milk and honey, like mother, like the school nurse who bandaged my scraped knee.

The Best Banana Bread

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Sister Rosetta

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I left the train, still going nowhere, but in a hurry. Still a boy, but trapped in a suit.

You Atop Franz Josef Glacier, Twelve Miles From the Tasman Sea

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58 words


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“Only one ring away,” I told myself while swiping the small glass screen of my cell phone with my sweaty thumb, repeatedly pushing down the illuminated green icon with the white telephone receiver. I was seated in a small crowded courtroom with hard…

Trio Anomie

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We deny one another, here,/ as long as it’s plausible.


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If you were glassI'd fog you up With my breathI'd leave messagesPictographsIn fingerprints I'd press in closeSo would youAnd so we'd danceBut you are glassAn inch of depthTo catch my breath

Almost Regrettably Useless Advice

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This world is always at least as strange as it seems, but usually far more strange, so many non-repeatable phenomena . . . .


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We were fleeing hurricane Katrina. We stopped somewhere in Texas at a roadside diner, but found a sign that said it was closed. We were so hungry. All of a sudden as we sat there in our car, the shop's owner knocked on the window and asked what he could g


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It's time, more than anything

Please Do Not Blame Me

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I was disappointed with love, and like everyone else, stammered out of love into a place horrified with meaning.

The Counter Where Names Go To Die

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One day a woman, one of several translators at Ellis Island, asks him why he has changed a passenger’s name from Checzowicz to something else. “The name was too long,” he says. “Ten letters.” She replies, “But you didn’t change O’Shaughnessy, and it has

The Best Kisses

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So I told her think of it this way: you’re my unlived life.

Lessons from a Pine

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I awake one morning to find that still, the leaves continue to fall.

The Giver and The Gone

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They were once a crown,of some living stag -- not quite old,not quite young: now bone. Something at the cusp of its age. Here they stand, given by a loved friendon a place in my home; smelling, whenI get very close, of time. They are shaped like small…

It Sure Was Good

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October Days

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The first days of October are ordinary in the way that milk just hours away from spoiling is ordinary milk. You can baptise your cornflakes with it, but part of you knows the whole thing is just shy of almost right.

Speaking to the Dead

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I didn't hear your last words or see your lasteyes. I didn't reach you in time, so I sat by your corpse,silently saying goodbye. I am in that process,not sour, not sweet, that yoked speaking which can't(because the heart won't let it) utter its whisperedlast word, but…

Rocking Moment

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The mother paused a short while — what was on her mind one might guess — before leaving the pram outside the corner shop on the footpath. The baby was asleep. Lulu happened to casually walk by. She looked into the pram, thought she saw an angel, reflected,…

Edith Head's Heady Day

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Rain dressed for winter, a win, she thought