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A Few Good Band Names

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Auto and the Grease-Pits Sugar Cube Full Frontal The Holy Grill Crazy Al and the Squirrels Talk Is Cheap Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cold Zippers Destiny Howl Epiphany Critter Cold Kneecaps Crepes Pulled Pork Baby Seals and the Club

Mother and Child

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Cybil walked into the shop, her baby in her arms, sat at the back and ordered a cup of tea. As she gazed around, her hand groped for the buttons and the clip. A suckling noise followed. Sipping her tea, an image soothed her mind. A portrait of Mother and Child.People …

Your words.

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Your words are Ambien.

On losing $10,000 Short Selling -- Sonnet 4

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On losing $10,000 Short SellingLast night I awoke to bearish marketsto thoughts from my pillow, yelled — sell!Sell! Sell! Sell! The traders like harlotsflaunted wares out from life's cheap market hotel.I sold knowing the market was volatilelike living…


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The lock came off easy—they only screwed a hinged hasp on the outside—it took a hard shove to get past a chair barricading the door. As I pushed my way in I heard a screeching crash. Lucky nobody was around. It was my first time bidding on a sheriff's sale…

News Sequence

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On-air personalities inflate a balloon Trump head to the point of bursting.

Circular Motions

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Through void decks of apartment blocks, Over roads on overhead bridges, Down small streets on concrete pavements.

No Hay Bandaid

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Pain is the saddle which rides me Pain is the cowboy's gun More morphing, please!


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The line weights are spot on/ and the snap of lines is textbook/ for a discipline that died with AutoCad

Sonnet I

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Much as the cockerel crows the break of day/ So, too, has our love similar herald,

Talking about a Friend Over a Cup or Two of Coffee

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Talking about a Friend Over a Cup or Two of Coffee “Their first fight was over school lunches. Free school lunches. She taught Kindergarten in a public special ed center for emotionally disturbed children. The…

Fuck Men!

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I talk wands and magic and how women aren't supposed to care, but I do, and she talks length and girth. Her fiancé has neither, she makes an illustration with her pinky and says that if they don't marry within the year, she's dumping his ass and we


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It is hunting season in Jersey today. They say “There are too many deer in Jersey today.”

My Belgian Waffle-Hound: Song

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I was walking my Belgian Waffle-Hound Past the Belgian waffle shop I found a penny on the ground And did a tiny little hop I spun around and went inside The Belgian waffle shop And bought a little waffle For my Belgian Waffle-Hound

The Melody

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They have their own homes. Their babies. The world is big enough to have more layers than you can imagine. The light will show you. But it can't do anything for you. You are the mad scientist who controls your robot feet. You are the…

Dude Fish

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the wiggly word / floats toward the crowd

Sometimes the bear eats you...

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...something darkly malevolent looming above him...

Looking for work

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Looking for Work - Sonnet 1 My iPad is crazy like Politics ,and morning coffee's a partisan drink.We all know we're distracted, when the inkthe press sells, tells us how we should think.Every morning starts in the local paper,and by ten-ten I've skimmed through…

Is This Seat Taken?

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A single woman should regard every train ride as an opportunity, I once read in one of those “How to Find A Boyfriend” books. “When boarding the train, don't take the first available seat,“ the author advised. “Walk through all the cars…

just because the maker of the tracks and the tracks themselves are invisible doesn't mean there's nothing there

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breathe out somewhere a tree falls

Apocalypse Haiku

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Burying the dead

You'll Stand At My Graveside (after Mary Elizabeth Frye).

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Don't throw earth on bones.

Catch & Release: Dog Person Depression

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Instead, I get things like, “Why can’t you find a nice man with cancer or a bum leg?”

Arcana Magi Zero Arc 3 - c.3

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Just as Megumi aimed her spell between Arturo and the shrine, a blast of white light fired like a cannon.

When the Meat Puppet Meets the Meat Lady

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Diamonds are for suckers Diamonds are for the miserable at heart Keep that in mind when you are busy Puffing out your chest and Slipping on your dancing shoes We were about to witness the release of souls From the captivity of flames At th

A Short Pause to Remember her Eyes

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I can still remember her eyes shedding light over me. Sparks were gathered in them, always present, always radiating messages. They would have been there when she looked down at me, after her long ordeal of flushing me out, seeing me close to her, all soggy and red,…

Peace in the Backyard

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No lies in the sky


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There's a mutual recognition...

Quel Bordel

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Our friend, M. Dieu-Juste partnered in a used car business with a Vietnamese mechanic, Mr. Tran. Cars however, were not their only venture.

People Who Go to Poems for Truth

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People Who Go to Poems for Truth