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The last one I tipped over the edge was just like all the others: fragile, pale, humming to himself as he sat on the ledge overlooking the gardens.

The Conversation

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Listening is loving. What is more erotic than these fathoms, skeins, words, roping tight the ardent ear.


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[組成] Sosei is Starmyu fan-fiction, which takes place a decade and so after Starmyu first season. Dorian Tsukigami (15) is a boy determined to succeed within Ayanagi's Composition Department by the power of his own musicality.


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Well, now it has fallen away some but I felt better about it when it was raging

Release My Pajamas

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And then I heard “Yea, for I have seen the Father The Son, and the Holy Toast” Okay now, something up was weird

The Car

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Trot fast, my dapple gray!

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It was night. It was Massachusetts. It was an interview in a snowstorm that Detective Vivian Diaz wished would go away.

Against Nothing

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To be free of pain. Is that what we all want?


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Not many people like Geminis.

A First Note Among Many

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You don't need a song about stars, you needa reason to be glad there are stars. Themoon has always been there, but not for youuntil now. Don't throw it away becauseyou are sad. You've come into your own. Allthings are waiting for you to show us youronce in a lifetime bloom.…

lest we bury us

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this disc barely spins the jangle of spurs/how long does one revolution take?

Papa's Parrot

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He wasn’t there for the beginning or the end. In the beginning, he was still a wild thing. Nothing more than a voice in the chorus of the Dark Continent, back when it was a thing of terrible beauty and attracted people like the old man; people who breathe

pilgrim moon

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suspended over my startled power lines/ like a silver ship entering harbor

The Stinger

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Having once had a holiday misadventure as a teenager I've become cautious. Overcautious perhaps, timid, but that's me now at twenty left with persistent scars. You might want me to elaborate on my experience but I prefer not to. It's become part of my personal domain,…

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.8

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Megumi paused for a moment, understanding Mrs. Akamatsu’s concern, but looking back at the Society, she shook her head in rejection.


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Ascent/Assent Together the horizon/ Catechism of love

She Kept A Lookout

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Many years later, as the smell of charring straw filled the basket she was standing in, high above faces turned upwards to watch her fly, she remembered the night her fingertips brushed snow off the Alps.


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The question isn't whether we will survive-/ like rats, we are supremely adaptive-// but whether we should survive.


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it's about dead trees

Silent Now, Against the Wash of Time

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Let us both stand steep, alone, this night; the tide Lies, hastening to us: and, far away, I hear the sea gulls sweep, through the divide That shapes drear skies, between dead lights of day. What worth was love? Man severs all he is, To make one…

Over the Rainbow Blues

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“Write me a play.” She'd sat on his lap, played kitten, kissed his ear.


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Fear I’ll be stuck here without a ladder


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It was that special ache between heart and stomach that made me stop things. That ache that cannot be caused by the mere knowledge that you have steered your life into a completely wrong direction. To feel this pain, you also need to have no clue why and how it…

Tollund Man, one/breakfast, zero

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how enthralled might you be, or how much appalled,/plucked from a fresh dream that had just grown serene?


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If you work in a library, you work with book carts, so naturally you give them nicknames. You could call your faithful book cart Bumpy, Squeaky, Rusty or Tipsy. But surely you can do better than that! Here's…


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One winter day, walking home from work because his old Honda Civic refused to start out of sheer laziness, Martin found the cat in the alley behind his apartment building. It was terribly thin, with a swollen belly. It twirled around his legs, pleading with big…

The Poet Faces a Government Shutdown

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R just sent me a funny text: Nice nice shit rainbows

The Lonely Genius

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was washing her hands and lookingin the mirror and hoping tosee someone who could tell herthe way home again. She wasn'tsure why she should want to go there except maybe to findthe missing piece that had alwayseluded her. The lonely genius puton her clothes but the…


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"Excuse me. I believe you have a little something falling from your right nostril there," he said, pointing with his pinky.


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I may as well have been sleepwalking. Either way, I had no opportunity to admire the moonlight flooding into the long corridors, illuminating the stag heads and painted cheeks of long-dead ancestors.