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Old Penny

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Nothing about it// is attractive- its color, it’s design,/ it’s market value. I leave it be and watch

Bird on Gravel

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On the gravel it lay, unable to lift its body, fluttering lightly, heart beating still. Broken leg, speckled feathers, looked to the sky, to freedom, saw a tree, raised a wing. The will to live ... so strong ... but the joy of flying, now denied.“Just let it…

Just the Facts

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skin cancer walks along Zuma beach at noon

Star Heart

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This is the place where I could breathe. I didn'tSay I understood. I only wanted to hold someone andMean to. I don't care about the rules for caring.The place where I could speak was incredibly far from Where I'd met you. The place where I could speakHad its…


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I miss her.

Beer and Cancer

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“Bubby’d rather spend money on beer than cancer.”

Missed Connections

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We were on the L train.You were reading Fifty Shades of Gray;I was reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. You never looked up until just as I moved off, always looking back your way and hopingyou would lift your head. And then you did, at the last moment,but…

Delusions Well-Hid from Myself

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Today, I am almost entirely self-coincidental, though I still feel a lag lurking somewhere.

The Overfilled Silence

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At the Rest Home for Silence We are teenagers At best I have to admit I fell asleep on the bus On the way to the Rest Home For Silence And I woke up To the noise Coming from the Overfilled silence It's the overfilled silenc


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Who are not here.


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He looked up. All the people were looking at him, and in some state of agitation. He was at the head of the table.

Space Program

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Mercury and Gemini disappointed.


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Once upon a time in the late 1950s, in a small French village, two brothers lived in a dilapidated one-bedroom old-style stone house. The two men worked in a factory to which they commuted by bike, one wearing a beret the other a cap. Though different in…

Free Bird

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I stop for Coup de' Villes and blue eyed men who runmarathons of ghosts and what if I was in love with a boy named Roberto in our Spanish class in High Schoolwho was half Japanese and half German and preferred penises to my virginity and what if the boy next door…

Wanna Bet?

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I was always more comfortable with the ponies than you were / more comfortable with betting windows and two-dollar bills than you were


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There it it again, that noise. That low hum that I know so well now, spinning, gaining momentum in my head, like a cyclist in a velodrome, until its steadiness and roundness becomes sharp, painful, cutting like glass.

Laughing All The Way To The 2020 Election

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After President Trump was elected, my first impulse was to spend the next four years cowering under the bed, whimpering.While I knew that I needed to keep track of what our new commander in chief was up to, watching the news made me too angry and too sad and just too…

Thieves, a Fire and Some Ghosts

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All along scared of the lovesickness finding me. I'm not proud of sending that sweet choir on its way without a word chopped into its cup. Who cares? I'm scared. The problem is this house; it's sad. I notice when someone floats in front of…

Two for Akutagawa

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Heading for the fields one morning to paint haystacks, Vincent noticed his neighbor’s house ablaze.

It's Legal Here

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You may think it's illegal Well, you'd be wrong, ya hear? Cause you're just in the wrong Neck of the woods And it's legal here Want some beer? Yeah, that's right It's legal here Don't go opening the door Any wider, I know You don't


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gravel coughing up tires at 90 miles an hour and just getting under way


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time timed times time

Colonized Mike, Ch. 4: DRIVEN

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She left with the parking ticket pieces, diligent as any Smith college graduate, and pulled the door shut with just a tad too much force.

Living for You

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She was as ironic as me, which I thought was great.  We’d get going and it would be like one of those Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns fights.  If you were trying to judge it, you couldn’t even keep score.


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Another day, another potful of crazy

Imminent Weather, Five AM

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The spectacle of weather/ on the prairies approaches.

Ilex Cahokia and A Common Piece

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remembering Cahokia, a place we rent near the water's edge, for we dare not enter

In my day...

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In my day, you could buy a polythene bag of cigarette butts for 5p. And everyone had a proper haircut.In my day, plumbers gave free vasectomies whilst reciting patriotic poems. And all the buses were red.In my day, there was always more than enough sex to go round, with…

Sonnet 11

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I fanned oxygen into the embersletting every red ribbon spark arc downwardlike stars falling in early Novemberthat I tried to show you. But you never came.I imagine your mannerisms As if you had been forged from iron; Waiting to add my lime and carbonsto alloy.…

Axiology and Semantics: Expiration Dates

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In my seriousness I am not making the case that none of “this” (our contemporaneity, our historical moment) “matters”.